Everything within us and around us is made up of energy – Universal Life Force Energy.  The energy in our body is absorbed through entry/exit points called chakras. This word is derived from Sanskrit which means ‘wheel.’  

We have seven major chakras in our body. The first is our ‘root’ chakra, the second is our ‘sacral’, third is our ‘solar plexus’, fourth is our ‘heart’ chakra, fifth is our ‘throat, sixth is the ‘third eye’ or ‘brow’ chakra, and lastly, our seventh is the ‘crown’ chakra.

Our entire body is connected through all these chakras, so if we are experiencing any physical, emotional or mental issues in our lives then one or more chakras may be blocked.  Those that practice or teach energy healing modalities may see this energy as a spinning wheel, fast or slow, bright or dull, and may be able to determine which chakras need work. To achieve good health, happiness and well-being, your chakras need to be maintained so they don’t get blocked and cause any wellness issues.

Energy flows through us via our crown chakra, every second of every day to keep us connected and balanced, however, if stress, anxiety, drama, fear, or illness to name but a few, are prevalent in your life, it’s very likely that your energy is unbalanced, and mental, emotional or physical symptoms will start to manifest. This is the way your body tells you that something is not right. We need to learn to listen to our body instead of numbing o urnatural alert system with painkillers and other things, that just mask the symptoms.

The next few articles will explain each chakra in more detail, and explain what functions can be upset by an imbalance in each chakra and what symptoms you may experience. I hope you find them helpful.

In love and light, Namaste.


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