New Earth Healing

with Dawn Livingstone


Clearing Negative Beliefs from our Subconscious Mind

14 – Alchemy of the 3rd Dimension

This activation, allows you to release all the third dimensional belief systems controlled by the third dimensional vibrations. This activation should only be done after you’ve done the first 12 activations. As if you do this one before any of the other ones it can be too much for you and knock you out for a week, or you will not get any benefit from it.

This activation plugs you into the energy of the 5th Dimensional vibration of unconditional love and abundance, and disconnects you from the fear, lack, struggle, suffering, and control of the third dimensional vibration that we are living right now. It will allow you to release these illusory belief systems and programing that we are carrying in our subconscious mind, allowing you to perceive the truth through unconditional love. It will help you stand in your power and speak your truth.

This has really helped me open my eyes, and I thought I was pretty awake already, but it has helped lift that veil of secrecy so I can understand what is truly going on, see how we are being deceived, and see the truth of each situation. And there’s no judgment there now, before running this I would get annoyed or angry at some situations, whereas now I see how it’s occurred and know it’s just an illusion in the video game we call life, and I’m no longer triggered by them. I understand that I created my video game and that it’s only real if I let it be – the more we clear within ourselves, the more we help clear the planet, and by removing these beliefs from our own subconscious mind, the more it’s removed from the collective subconscious mind of the planet. So let’s lift that fog of deceit and expose the truth right now.


15 – Planetary Alignment

This activation aligns you with the transformative energies of the planets, and releases blockages that prevent smooth transitions. It will help you to shift with that flow of planetary energies and minimize any upheaval associated with astrological changes. You will be able to manifest more potently during a new moon and release negative energy more easily during a full moon. You will likely find the unsettling effects of Mercury retrograde to be greatly reduced. The energy will also help you to be in sync with the earths’ evolution to the full 5th dimensional vibrations.

Now I was pretty oblivious to the effect that the alignment of planets could have on your energy, until about 2 years ago – someone I met briefly had been talking about new and full moon energy and how she was greatly affected by it, she couldn’t sleep soundly, was very agitated for a few days and quite grumpy, and it was only then that I realized I had been experiencing exactly the same thing. So for the next few months I monitored how I felt with the moon cycle and found over 3 days of the full moon, I was really grumpy and that was the time I was having sleep issues. So I ran this activation every week for a few weeks, and just 3 months later, the agitation and issues sleeping had completely disappeared. It was actually about 3 months after it stopped that I noticed and I had to look back to remember when I still had the problems, because I just eased into the flow, releasing the belief that I must be affected by the moon or planets. This worked super well for me, try writing down how you feel around these times so you know when they reduce or even stop.


16 – Bleeding heart

People tend to want to heal the world, however, when trying to do so they give their power away and take on the sorrow and sadness of the world.  You can’t help others if you are being destroyed by their pain and suffering.  This energy enables you to detach from the suffering of others so that your heart is whole and replenished, then you are far more effective to help, support, love and heal the suffering in the world.  It will also give you discernment and boundaries so you can heal yourself, without feeling responsible for healing the world.

We need to understand that healing the world or making huge changes, actually starts with yourself.  You are the most important thing that needs healed right now, and when you start to self-heal, you help the world a little bit at a time because we’re all energy and we’re all connected.  Although we are individual human beings with free will, the illusion that has been created that all humans are separate is NOT accurate in the slightest.  There is no separation, just connectedness, so when we heal ourselves, we help heal us all.  We just need to remember how we’re connected, and by doing these activations you’re well on your way.



17 – Are You A Martyr?

So what is a martyr?  Martyrs put the needs of everyone else and do not take care of themselves because they are too busy running around taking care of others.  Over time, this drains your strength and effectiveness and stops people from taking responsibility over their own lives because if you’re doing everything for them, they won’t learn a thing other than everything gets done for them by someone else.  How can you be there for others if you can’t be there for yourself?  This energy will release the belief that other people are more important than you, and help you achieve balance in taking care of yourself and others.  This is a massive group consciousness belief.

Ask yourself these things; do you live your life for others?  Do you prioritize the needs and emotions of others ahead of your own? What were you taught as a child – could it be to always to put others first, and that if you didn’t you were selfish?  Do you run around all day doing things for others, only to run out of time and have to put your own things off till another day?

Many, many people have belief systems that they have to sacrifice their own needs because the needs of others are more important, believing that they themselves, don’t matter.  Lots of our negative belief systems are embedded into our subconscious minds from birth to 7 years old because during this time the brain functions on a really high vibration and the mind is like a sponge and sucks in everything it’s taught.  It’s during this time we learn to please others, not to think for ourselves, get told how to behave and not to behave and develop fear because we are punished for doing something that wasn’t to an adults’ liking.  Being a martyr is something that is taught by others and not discovered for yourself.

Running this energy on yourself will also help to clear the collective subconscious mind that everyone else’s needs are more important than ours.  It will teach you that you can love and care for others without allowing yourself to be used or destroyed in the process!  Let’s get rid of this negativity, it’s not serving you or anyone else.


18 – Addictions Redirection

What causes addictions?  An addiction arises from feeling a lack of love including a lack of self-love.  They can also stem from any form of trauma that you have experienced in your life, any form of abuse, or an event that has really scared you and shaken you to the core.  When I say addiction, I don’t just mean drugs and alcohol, there are so may different things that we can be addicted to.

Like fear, for example, if we believe that we need to be fearful, we will create and keep creating events in our life to scare us, confirming that belief.  This is a massive collective subconscious belief.

Hoarding things is also an addition.  What are you afraid you’ll lose if you give things away or throw it out?  Did someone take, or did you lose something that meant a lot to you as a child, or at any point in your life?  Clearing out things from your physical house can often help with decluttering your mental house.

Are you addicted to self-sacrifice?  Are you creating things in your life that make you do without, maybe even at the last minute?  Think about times in your life where you have done something to prevent you doing or getting something positive.

You can even be addicted to OCDs, technology, social media, sex and loads of other things like shopping, other material items that you feel you have to have, over-eating and drinking all the wrong things too.  You can be addicted to fast food, eating out, laziness, being addicted to being sick and the list goes on.

And what about drama, and gossip?  Even though people may not determine these two as an addiction just think about it for a minute – look at the TV, look at social media – as if we’re not creating enough drama of our own in our every day lives, we need to look at the drama that others are creating!  This is such a MASSIVE collective subconscious belief because the more we watch and experience the more we need to create.

I’m rarely on social media now, but I got sucked in to it just like anyone else; seeing friends post in great detail, about how the attendant in the store was so rude to her when she returned something, just got too much for me.  Seeing all the comments to ONE post, fueling conversation and creating even more drama is not doing anyone any good. Commenting on drama creates and recreates more drama and gossip and you just get stuck in the cycle, and it won’t stop until the belief is removed and you are finally able to break free and start living a drama-free life.  Seriously, if there’s one thing I could tell you to do that has drastically helped me, it’s to stay OFF of social media all day, and don’t watch the news – negative, negative, negative, it’s all negative and fear mongering, creating concern and worry, and we just don’t need it.  That which we give our energy to, we will bring about.  Be positive, and be very aware of what you are giving your energy and attention to because you’ll create more of it.


19 – Spiritual Ego Release

People that are on a spiritual or healing path, often have too much or too little spiritual ego.  Too much and they develop the need to treat people as their ‘Guru’, too little and they worry constantly about being unworthy that they can’t create anything good at all. So this energy balances the ego to help you move forward with your life, without your ego holding you back at all. Some people think we could do without our ego but that’s not correct at all – we NEED our ego to serve us, we just need to have it work FOR us and not AGAINST us.  Sometimes it’s an excellent thing to have because it’s purpose is to keep us safe.  It’s your ego that makes you whip your hand away from the pot handle because it knows it’s too hot, it’s your ego that creates the fight or flight when you’re in danger, so if we did without it, it may cause us some trouble!  Balance.  Life is all about balance, so let’s balance yours so you can create your life.

If you are a healer, it will help you lose the fear of being responsible for healing someone else, knowing that they are doing the healing with God/creator, and that you are just facilitating and witnessing this energy move from the body.

Since I ran this energy, I can now think for myself and have stopped relying on others to tell me what to do, it’s so wonderful being able to think for myself and make my own decisions without worrying about the outcome.  Looking back, it’s strange to me now, that I just couldn’t do anything without someone telling me what I should do.  It’s just not there anymore, and it’s a wonderful feeling.


20 – Anger & Resentment Towards God

This energy is incredibly important.  Unknowingly, we store up anger and resentment towards God, Life, the world and absolutely everything.  Every time something bad happens these emotions keep growing which makes you create more and more situations to create anger and resentment and reinforce that belief.  It’s a huge cycle until we stop it, and that’s what this energy does over the coming days and weeks, breaks the cycle so you can start living without anger and resentment towards God and everything else.  It clears these emotions from the deepest level of your SELF, from your DNA/cells and from past lives too, whilst removing it from the collective subconscious mind of humanity. We may not even know that we have this belief, but this is a HUGE collective conscious belief and the energy will clear it from there too.

The energy will continue to clear you over the next days and weeks, and as a result some emotions may come up.  Be aware that your body is clearing out negativity and that it’s completely normal – and be sensitive to those around you and not take your emotions out on them.  This is only temporary and will soon pass and you’ll feel better.

I’ve really seen a difference since running this energy – I no longer experience anger and resentment now, and can handle issues without getting all riled up and angry. I’ve shifted greatly because of this one, and I continue to run it roughly every month or so.  Listen as often as you wish, it can’t do you any harm and it can’t be done wrong.

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