New Earth Healing

with Dawn Livingstone


Clearing Negative Beliefs from our Subconscious Mind

8 – Family Constellation

This energy is amazing and clears your anger, guilt, judgment and hatred towards your family. It gives you a true knowing of what it’s like to receive love from your family members. You can see fabulous shifts pretty quickly after receiving this energy.

I noticed very quickly, that relationships with my family members improved, and I’m feeling a closeness and appreciation for each of them that I didn’t have before. I can see they have each been teaching me something and helping me move forward in my life. I was always afraid to talk about this work and what it is that I do it’s not what they are used to, and that used to upset me and make me angry, but now I no longer feel victimized because I realize it’s only my opinion that matters to me, and I choose to NOT be triggered by anyone’s opinion of me. It’s their opinion, I’m not gonna get sucked in and it’s none of my business what they think of me.  Now I can talk freely about what I do and the negative comments just don’t come any more – because I’m out of that vibration of needing to have my family talk to me in a condescending manner and have lost the fear of being worried about what other people think!

This was massive for me and it’s been a great shift – now I wonder what on earth all the fuss was about because it’s like I never had those beliefs.  This is one activation that my clients also find works pretty fast and they see changes within a few weeks that turn their family lives around.  Allow yourself to love and be loved by all members of your family, free of conflict, anger, judgment, guilt, hatred and resentment.


9 – Original Light Language

THIS is a wonderful activation – this energy releases us from the trauma of what others are experiencing in their lives without attaching ourselves to the outcome, or feeling like we have to be responsible for the outcome.  It allows us to look and see without it affecting us.  We all have more than enough of our own ‘stuff,’ so why would we want to be burdened with other peoples worries or fears?  Well, the good news is that we don’t.  This energy empowers you to step up and handle a difficult situation instead of just reacting badly to it, so you stay in your own power without taking on their beliefs or drama.

This energy has had a profound effect on me; I always found myself getting sucked into the drama of peoples’ lives, always feeling like I need to offer to help.  What I understand now, is that it’s THEIR stuff that’s coming up, and I don’t need to be affected by it because we are all at different stages of learning on our journey, and I know that person is experiencing EXACTLY what needs to be experienced at that time so they can learn from it too.  We create our own lives and we need to be responsible for fixing it if it doesn’t work for us any more – we just need to learn how it works. This activation helps you to take a step back in these situations and observe without getting sucked in over the drama and prevents you from getting stressed out over a situation that someone else has created.


10-Inner Child Reconnection

This energy will reclaim pieces of your soul that were left in other lifetimes, wherever they may have been, and at the same time release all pain, shock and trauma that caused those parts of you to be left behind. The fragmented parts that are returning to you will be cleansed and filled with unconditional love before they are reunited with you, helping you discover your own true power and help you to step up and live your life more fully.

Sometimes we just feel out of sorts and just can’t work out what’s wrong – I felt like that quite often prior to running this activation, I just felt my head was in the clouds and I wasn’t able to really focus on anything and all my thoughts were scattered. This energy helps you to get your power back from those lifetimes and will shift your beliefs into alignment, so you step up and be who you truly are in this current lifetime.

After I received this energy, a few weeks later it was like a weight had been lifted, I felt so much lighter – your soul needs to be whole and complete before you can step up, get back your power and be your true authentic self.



11 – Fruit of Life

The fruit of life activation is all about nourishing the body, and this can’t happen if there are energy blockages and stuck emotions in the body. This energy activates your 13 chakras (1 at our root, 2 for the other 6) which will keep you grounded and connected to your higher self, and allows everything to flow around you. It also clears negative belief systems and programing from these chakras as they are taken to a higher vibration. In Sanskrit, the word Chakras means ‘wheel of energy’ and these are the points in the body that accept positive energy, and discards negativity during healing.

Now I’ve been a Reiki master/teacher for 20 years so I’m very aware how important it is to have free-flowing chakras. Over time, chakra blockages build up and can manifest as a dis-ease in the body.

So if you have a blockage in your root chakra, you may experience stress and anxiety, lack of focus, or worry in varying degrees right up to paranoia. If the blockage is in your sacral, then you may experience boredom, low sex drive, or addictions, and I don’t mean just drugs and alcohol, I’m talking about things like shopping, drama, gossip amongst many other things.  A solar plexus imbalance could mean lack of confidence, insecurity, feeling that you’re not good enough, and trouble with memory.  Heart imbalance may result in lack of compassion and impatience, feel unable to trust others, high blood pressure and a low immune system.  Throat chakra imbalance could mean you can’t say what you really feel, and struggle with verbal communication, or experience some hormone fluctuations.  Third eye imbalances can make you feel useless and unimportant, unconnected and lost, have sleep issues and have trouble learning new things.  A crown chakra imbalance can be caused by a traumatic situation in your life – any blockage can cause lack of motivation and excitement and can sometimes generate depression, and manifest physically as headaches.  So if you experience any of these, this is a good activation for you.  If you can listen to this weekly it would greatly help you, but monthly at a minimum.

When you run this energy regularly, it will remove any new blockages, which will then allow the energy to flow freely between the chakras, keeping you healthy and in balance.  You really do notice a difference. This energy was really a step up for me, as in Reiki only the 7 major chakras are balanced, so this one really expanded my awareness of my healing – I really noticed the difference physically.


12 – Universal Life Grid

This energy creates a protective shield around you, keeping you safe from radiation, sound waves and other pollutants that are being put in our atmosphere which shut down the pineal gland as well as your kundalini energy.  This also keeps you safe from negative energies emanating from others and is brilliant for healers and those that are overly sensitive or empathic people who tend to take on negative energy or emotions from others.

Every day we’re bombarded with pollutants and we need to take steps to protect ourselves while we move into the higher vibrational frequencies; we have fluoride in our drinking water and toothpaste.  Fluoride and other contaminants calcify the pineal gland which is the seat of our connection to Creator or God, and your communication with your higher self, and pollutants can close this off very quickly.  This energy helps shield you from harmful rays and contaminants that will do this, and protect you from negative energies like the emf’s from wifi and cellphone towers.  This is one activation you should run very regularly, and make the intention that this activation will protect you every single day.


13 – Heaven on Earth

This activation releases oaths made to suffer for those who came before you.  Many empathic people carry the pain of the planet and our ancestors, and this energy will remove the need to carry this burden.  It also clears blocks and any fears and sabotage that prevent you from moving forward and working on your purpose in life.  It also removes the need to create situations that are distracting to you, which is a major block in itself.

So any oaths, vows, commitments or contracts, however they were made, whether it be verbal, written or otherwise, that you made with your ancestors that causes you to continue to live out THEIR suffering, will be severed.  Don’t you think that life can be stressful enough without having to carry on the pain of others?

I sure do, and since I’ve been clearing them, life is much easier – it flows better much easier, and I find I don’t experience as many barriers or difficulties any longer.  We don’t HAVE to live with this burden, it’s definitely not serving us, so let’s get rid of it and fast, so we can experience what we know heaven to be, right now.

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