Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last video!  Over the past year, I’ve been studying new energy healing modality called SA, fastest method of healing which works 100 times faster than any other modality that I’ve worked with – I am walking proof of that.

It works by removing negative belief systems that no longer serve us, from every cell of your body and DNA.  Beliefs vibrate at different levels, and they attract everything around them with the same vibration, so unless the vibrations are changed, you will continue to get what you believe in.

So how do we get these beliefs? We get them from past lives, and in this lifetime, look at the tv ads that are constantly telling you about big-pharma drugs that will prevent this and that illness. You’re constantly told that today, 1 in 3 people will get cancer, so you believe it and possibly manifest that disease. Other examples are magazines that show skinny models that make us feel we should look like them and feel less than normal because we don’t, then we become critical of ourselves that we don’t look beautiful, when indeed you ARE a beautiful and incredible human being. Teachers that tell us what to think and do and how to behave, suppressing our free-thinking which causes conflict in our beliefs from a very young age.  Mainstream media, doctors, local authorities, police, governments, and more and eventually it feels like an uphill battle and you’re getting nowhere.

So if you are struggling with anything, say a lack of money, or lack of anything, an addiction, maybe issues with relationships, family or health problems to name but a few, belief changing sessions may help you move forward and not be stuck.

This reality is just a video game everybody, and we’re playing along, but you have to know that if you’re not happy with something in your video game, YOU are the only one that can change it. Because no-one is able to do it for you. And when you do change your beliefs, you are helping change the world. I’m sure you’ve all seen The Matrix movie, where Neo took the red-pill to know the truth, and quickly found out that the reality was only ruled by the enemy as long as he let them? It was his change in BELIEF that allowed him to defeat them – we are no different.

 We are all energy, everything is energy, and we are all connected, connected to each other, and to God/Creator. When we change our beliefs, we affect the belief in the collective consciousness of humanity – how great a gift is that? WE can change ourselves and help heal the world at the same time!

I’m offering these in two ways; 1 in a personal one on one session, and 2 via group webinar – both can be done on zoom regardless of your location. The group sessions will be recorded and you will be given access to the replays to watch and listen to anytime you like, it’ll be yours to keep.

I’ll be scheduling a group webinar over the next few days and will do a video explaining what this will entail and what subject it will cover, so I really hope you can join me for this.  I invite you to visit my website, and complete the form on the ‘changing beliefs’ tab, so I can keep you informed of any group sessions that I’ve scheduled, and also to get access to the first 3 belief activations for free.

I’ll be in touch soon, here’s to an abundant and absolutely wonderful and happy life! Namaste.

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