Voyage of Transcendence

with Dawn Livingstone


Audio Healings

Heal at your own pace and in your own time in the comfort of your own home.

These days we are all so busy with work, kids, organizing life, that attending live webinars can prove a challenge.

The following products are recorded healing sessions on specific topics.

If you don’t see a topic that you would specifically like please let me know.

Multi-session healings are discounted, however, you may purchase them singly if you wish.

Listen, transform, whenever you like.


Healers and Money

Would you like to clear all the negative subconscious beliefs and programing that block you from obtaining clients or earning more money?

Clear hundreds of belief systems of fear, and subconscious programing, around religion, persecution, speaking your truth, failing, changes to your life, resistance to receiving abundance, and clearing overwhelm and stress from your life – and more!

Healers and Money – MP3 File – 41 minutes.  13 healing activations/deactivations.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety Series – 3 recorded healing sessions.

Session 1 
Session 2 
Session 3 
All 3 sessions – Discounted

Please see individual sessions for a list of activations and deactivations run in each session.

Have You Lost Your Mojo?

Would you like to clear all the negative subconscious beliefs and programing that keep us locked into a life of struggle? 

If so, this healing session could really help you shed the burden of fear and lack and suffering, and get back to loving your life.

18 healing activations/deactivations, clearing hundreds of belief systems, that stop you from living your life with love, joy and happiness.

Have You Lost Your Mojo?  (58 minutes)

1 x MP3 file.

Boost Your Immune System

Would you like to clear all the negative subconscious beliefs and programing that keep you sick or in fear of being sick, and give your immune system a big boost?

Available in a voice file, or a subliminal recording that you can listen to at bedtime or whenever is convenient.

Boost Your Immune System – Voice File – 55 mins.  18 healing activations/deactivations.

View the Subliminal Information here.

Receiving - Are You Worthy?

Are You Worthy Of Receiving? Do you believe you are unworthy of abundance? Are you in the ‘Not Enough’ vibration? Unloved?

Do people around you make you feel disrespected? Do you want to change that and receive love, respect, and abundance?

1 x MP3 file, 54 minutes, 18 healing activations/deactivations


Do you want success in your life?  Do you work hard but no matter what you do you just can’t reach it?

Whether it’s a new job, a new relationship, a successful business, these activations and deactivations will get you back on track.

Success Session 1 
Success Session 2 
Success Session 3 
All 3 Sessions 


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