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Boost Your Immune System

Every day we live through life battling things that deplete our immune system.  We have colds, the flu, and other viruses and bacteria that attack us on a daily basis, and we are able to shrug off if we are healthy and balanced.  We are bombarded with air pollutants, artificial chemicals in our water supply, GMO’s and chemical pesticides in the growing of our food, weed killers that are proving to be causing cancer after several years of use, chemicals in our toothpaste and personal products – they are everywhere.

The combined effect of these, can have a detrimental impact on our immune system, making us more susceptible to contracting viruses or bacterial infections that a healthy immune system would just throw off.   Stressful situations also have a negative impact on our immune system; when you feel overwhelmed your immunity is impacted, so it’s essential to remain balanced as much as possible.

This is what the ‘Boost Your Immune System’ healing session can do to help you:

Your cells will be prepared to receive, integrate and retain new energetic upgrades, additional strands of DNA are activated (up to 18), your ability to connect with your higher self and enhance your intuition is increased, and your cells re-energized so you feel more vibrant and live each day with more energy.  You will also have additional codons activated to evolve your DNA into a form that scientists say makes a person 3,000 times less likely to get a disease or illness.   These energies can be compared to building a house; you can’t find the land and build the walls and roof and not expect it to remain standing – you need a foundation – that’s what this does for your physical structure.

We need to disconnect from the collective beliefs including your genetic beliefs, around sickness and disease.   How many people do you know that are stuck in beliefs of cancer and other diseases?   All the time on TV and written articles, we see statistics and studies to confirm that serious disease numbers are rising.   We are told that 1 in 3 people will get cancer, and because we unwittingly take on that belief, we have a 1 in 3 chance of creating cancer in our bodies.   We are also told that we have a very high risk of getting a disease because a family member has it. How many people say this or that disease runs in my Family?   This deactivation will disconnect you from all of that. We create what we believe, so we need to change it, unplug ourselves from the collective and genetic consciousness, and clear these vibrations from every cell of our bodies, and disconnect our existing, negative association with being ill.

Activating our collage and stem cells is a great thing to do – we need to revitalize connective tissue and awaken our stem cells from their slumber.   Stem cells can become other cells as needed and are crucial to the health of our immune system.   Collagen diseases such as lupus involve an auto-immune condition.   Collagen is a natural component in our bodies, and as we get older its production is reduced.   We need to rebuild our collagen to help our skin, bones and ligaments feel better and be healthier.   It will also start to help our eyes, as collagen, along with water, is the core element of the vitreous humor.

Our lymph system is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials, so to avoid a buildup of toxins and their effects on the body, we need to keep this functional and in top condition.   The blood delivers nutrients and oxygen to all the cells of the body, and if they don’t get efficient delivery of either of these, we feel sluggish and start to feel sick.   We can reinforce our blood and lymph system on all levels, increasing its efficiency and purity, and unplug us from the collective subconscious beliefs that we hold, that we have taken on from doctors and media over the years, because we are taught from birth that a doctor is the only person that can help us. Instead of just masking physical symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs, we can address the cause directly – the negative emotions held by the body caused by negative beliefs and programing in our subconscious mind.   Strengthening the blood and lymph system will also help you naturally gravitate towards healthier foods and remedies that are good for you, with natural healing properties.

We can disconnect from our programing that sickness appears to serve us on any level, but cutting the tie to those beliefs, and allow us to accept our power and understand that our well-being is our responsibility.   Unplugging from this collective subconscious program, will help us to understand that we’re perfectly capable of making positive changes to get and stay well, whilst dumping the need to create illness just to get what we feel you need in our lives.   We unknowingly create illness for many reasons; it could be because it gets us attention, or that family members are nice to you and do things for you, or if your family isn’t close, being sick rallies them all together.   Do you get sympathy when you are sick? What other good things happen when you don’t feel well?   We can unknowingly sabotage our health to get what we subconsciously crave.

Wouldn’t it be great to feel in sync with every organ and cell in our body?   We can clear any beliefs we have around specific body parts or systems, and in doing so, it can connect us with our entire body and the awareness that every body part is important.   It brings us the clarity and understanding, that in order to transform and increase our vibration, we need to include our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies in the process.   When there is balance in all our bodies our healing and transformation accelerates.

Did you know that viruses and bacteria both have a consciousness and a specific vibration, that they are living organisms and have a survival instinct just like every other living thing?   It doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, it’s just the way life works; by finding ways to survive, and we as humans, are no different.   If we are fearful of being infected with a virus or a bacterial infection, our fear of contracting them is on the same frequency as the viruses and bacteria and we stand a good chance of bringing them right to us.   They seek out the same vibration that they hold and will be drawn to you like a magnet, because like attracts like.   To help us avoid attracting either, we need to disconnect from the beliefs, programing and vibrations that we have obtained from everything that we have been taught, to release any fears associated with becoming infected.   Very important.

Energetic cellular cleansing is important for cellular repair, regeneration and rejuvenation, by encouraging the release of old or damaged cells and the growth of new, healthy cells and tissues.   The release of stress overload, emotional trauma, traumatic events and genetic conditioning from the cellular memory is very important, as is the release of damaged cellular matter caused by environmental toxic substances, chemical pollutants, vaccinations, and bacteria, to name just a few.   Releasing these toxins from the body needs to take place over a few weeks – it needs to be done gently over time so it’s not a shock to your body, because it’s been holding onto the stress and trauma for so long, it takes time to persuade your cells to release something they’ve never had to live without.

Clearing the emotional illness and anxiety disorder which usually develops as a result of extreme fright or a life-threatening event (like PTSD) is SUPER important because this has a MASSIVE impact on your immune system.   Your experience could be from losing a loved one suddenly, maybe caused by a bad accident, or it could be from your experience with verbal, mental, physical or sexual abuse, or anything else that you remember really scared or shocked you at the time.   Maybe you don’t remember a thing; trauma can also block memories as a way to protect you from hurt.   I find the majority of people have blocked emotions from traumas or tragedies experienced mostly as a child, but also bringing forward pain, shock, trauma with the accompanying negative emotions from previous lives.   Severing the need to carry those in this lifetime can make a tremendous difference to your wellbeing.

Disconnecting from the need to be in overwhelming and stressful situations is an absolute must.   We need to be free of stress to remain focused and relaxed, understand that all is well and will be taken care of for your highest good.   We need to release the beliefs that create the need to create stressful situations, so we can understand we can handle anything calmly, without agitation, aggression or anger.

Self-love needs to be prioritized in our lives, as self-love helps us to kickstart our own healing.   If we are clear on the inside then we can truly love ourselves and forgive the world.

Another huge impact on our immune system is the effects of guilt, judgment and self-punishment for things you felt that you’ve done wrong in the past.   Removing these, aligns you on all levels, with unconditional love for yourself without guilt or judgment or punishment, allowing you to move past the blocks that keep making you create situations to keep you stuck, or you’ll just continue going around in a big loop, creating more and more situations to validate your beliefs.   We are all here learning and growing and changing, and we need to release those beliefs without beating ourselves up for the mistakes we made in the past.   Living our lives free of regret for our past sounds great, doesn’t it?

Hypertension and high blood pressure are both about stress and overwhelm.   Running energies to help you relax and control your blood pressure by removing those beliefs you have about high blood pressure gives the immune system relief.   Hypertension and high blood pressure are massive genetic and collective subconscious beliefs; we believe that if our parents or grandparents have high blood pressure then we are very likely to get it too.   Doctors tell us this at our physical, and over time, we believe it. It’s just programing, programing that we can disconnect from and create better beliefs for a better and healthier life.

Would you like to clear all of the above?   If so, I would love to help you heal and improve your immune system, releasing all those fears and negative emotions using 18 healing energy activations and deactivations (the subliminal file has 4 additional more advanced activations for deeper rooted beliefs, and 70+ positive affirmations to help you heal quickly and easily.)   See below to find out how you can do this.

I Love You.

Boost Your Immune System

Would you like to clear all the negative subconscious beliefs and programing that keep you sick or in fear of being sick, and give your immune system a big boost?

Available in a voice file, or a subliminal recording that you can listen to at bedtime or whenever is convenient.

Boost Your Immune System – Voice File – 55 mins.  18 healing activations/deactivations.
Boost Your Immune System – Subliminal File – 60 mins.  22 healing activations/deactivations and 85+ positive affirmations.

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