New Earth Healing

with Dawn Livingstone


Changing our Beliefs

Sacred ActivationsTM is a form of energy healing, and is an extremely powerful energy boost to clear out old and lower vibrational memories, beliefs, thoughts and emotions, that are located in the cells of your body, your auric field and your DNA.  At the same time, you are receiving new, higher vibrational light codes for every cell of your body.  They let higher amounts of light flow through you and it allows you to create a new, more pleasant and loving reality, free from negative beliefs that are holding you back from being where you really want to be in life.

If you are not aligned energetically to receiving abundance, then abundance avoids you completely. Let’s change that.

It works FAST!!  These energies not only clear unwanted subconscious programming, they reprogram or plug us into energetic streams that serve our highest potential.   You may find that you can change your life quickly and easily with the healing power of these activations. Each activation breaks down and destroys those harmful belief systems that no longer serve your life.

If you wish book a session with me, please use the booking button below, then email me with your appointment preferred date and time.  I look forward to working with you!

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I hope you enjoyed the above FREE activations – please visit as often as you would like and listen to them over and over.

*Disclaimer: please know that healing is done between you and the Creator/God – I am merely a conduit for the energy, and I initiate the removal of the beliefs, and witness the negative energy being released. YOU are doing the healing with Creator!  No guarantees are given that you will be healed, as you will heal at your OWN pace over time.

A wonderful life full of love and abundance awaits you.

Have a wonderful day!

Namaste, Dawn

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