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Classes Offered 

Self-Development Healing Classes

Would you like to change your life for the better, quickly and easily?  Well, now you can do exactly that, with three levels of self-development healing classes for those that are unhappy with any element of their life, or wish their life could be more fulfilling.  This desire could be to attract a relationship, new job, more money, better health, lose the stress in your life – anything really.  Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut?  Then look no further.

The levels are super important to do in order;

Level 1 – Beginner, then

Level 2 – Intermediate, and then

Level 3 – Advanced. 

Level 1 starts the healing by increasing the vibration in your cells, preparing them to receive all future changes in vibration, and then by removing the most common negative belief systems and programing from the subconscious mind, at the CORE level, allowing you to move forward with your life.  Once the beginner level is complete, then absolutely move onto the intermediate level, to allow more deeper healing to take place which will allow you to experience shifts in just days or weeks, and help you create more of what you desire.

We have to pace ourselves when we heal; if we run too much energy too quickly you will be exhausted and/or the vibrational changes won’t hold.  Small steps make quite the difference and will be much more beneficial to you.  The timely increase in vibration and expansion in consciousness is much more easily accepted by the body so it’s not such a shock to your cells.

These three classes will be held regularly, and when you purchase any or all of them, you will be able to attend all future same-level classes for free – you will automatically be emailed with the invitation to join in the class, and if you can attend live then great, if not you will be sent the replays to watch at your convenience.  I encourage you to attend/watch replays every time, as the energy is often updated and upgraded to encompass any new energies, which you are entitled to receive.

Click on the link for each level for more information.

Level 1 – More Details and Information

Level 2 – More Details and Information Coming Soon

Level 3 – More Details and Information Coming Soon

Self-Mastery Class

If you would like to have the ability to heal yourself, then this one-day class is for you.  Six-hours of tuition and practice will give you the ability to give yourself 26 Sacred Activations, to remove negative beliefs from all aspects of you, enabling you to move forward without the blocks that are holding you back in life.  A manual will be provided. If/when, you wish to proceed to complete the Advanced Practitioner course, which enables you to assist other individuals to heal using the same 26 Activations, the full cost of this class will be deducted from the cost of the Practitioner course.

The Self-Mastery class enables you to kick-start your healing, get used to working with the energy, and kicks those pesky negative beliefs out of your life!  This class is not a pre-requisite for the Practitioner course.

Live participation in this class is not necessary; replays will be provided from the previous class so you can get started right away, and attend any and all future Self-Mastery classes live without further charge.   An invite to participate in future live classes via Zoom will automatically be sent to you after purchase.

No pre-requisites required – just the desire to heal and step up and take control of your life.

Practitioner Class

Become a Sacred Activations Practitioner over a full weekend – 12 hours of tuition and practice.  This is the first level Practitioner training which certifies you to heal yourself and others on a one-on-one basis with the 26 Foundation (CORE) Activations, removing negative beliefs from the subconscious mind to remove blocks and allowing lives to move forward positively instead of being held back.

You will learn how to connect to the energies and how to run them on another, and the link between you and Creator will be connected to allow you to do this.

This is a wonderful class; it will shift you enormously and quickly, allowing you to start creating the reality you want, and to help others to do the same.  You will be invited to re-take this course annually free of charge, which is recommended, so you can take advantage of any additional energies/upgrades that will have taken place since your first class, enhancing your own healing.

Pre-requisites – None required.

Master Practitioner Class

Master Practitioner Training is a four-day class (six-hours each day) over two weekends, usually with a week in between to allow the energies to integrate.  This is the next level up from the Practitioner Training.

In this class, you will learn more about how to clear the collective consciousness and collective subconscious belief systems, and you will also be taught how to work with groups.  This training certifies you to work with any and all sacred energies for healing purposes, and you will receive the connection to the energies to allow you do do this.

You will be taught how to stay out the energy while you run it so you don’t get drained, as at this level, the energy is very intense.

Pre-requisite – Practitioner Level Training 

Reiki Classes

Reiki 1st Degree, 2nd Degree and Master/Teachers Degree available.  More Information is available here.

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