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Disconnecting from War Consciousness

What Do You Believe About War?

I’m writing this on January 8th, 2010, the day after the Iranians dropped 15 ballistic missiles on two Iraqi/US military bases in Iraq. Hear me out on this one – you may be triggered by what I’ve written here, and if you are, you were meant to be.

During and immediately after the attack, the mainstream media dropped tweets and online reports that World War III is imminent, that American helicopters were seen transporting their dead soldiers from the area, and that there were 80+ American troops killed which could end up being much higher. Thankfully, it all turned out to be complete lies; 4 missiles failed and the rest missed their targets and caused minimal damage, so WWIII was extinguished before it even started, there was no disruptive damage to the bases and more importantly, there were ZERO casualties.

There is so much conflict and confusion going on in the world it’s extremely difficult to know what the truth really is. Current world events are just ridiculously perplexing and it would be really easy just to throw in the towel and stop having an opinion – but stop and think for a minute. Is perpetual war kept alive deliberately to keep us baffled and distracted from what’s really going on, and to keep us controlled and living in fear? It’s sure starting to look like it. After all, that’s the vibration of the world we live in at the moment; fear, lack and suffering, and fear is definitely what’s pushed upon us every day. An example if I may – look back at the Gulf war; we were told our ‘enemy’ had developed weapons of mass destruction, and they threatened the world, our very existence, and we MUST attack them before they attack us. Well what do you know, the public bought it and gave ‘permission’ to proceed, and after God knows how many weeks of fighting and unnecessary deaths, those weapons of mass destruction were never found. We are played upon using fear in this way, and by exploiting our trust, so they can get what they want – their need and desire to create destruction and suffering through war.

Based on the fact that we’ve all been deceived since birth, told what to think, speak, behave and what opinions to have, what’s right and wrong, getting punished for disagreeing (and so have our parents and grandparents before us) it’s not surprising that slowly over time we have all adopted the subconscious belief that we need to have war from time to time, or that war is part of life, that we have to have war if we want peace. This is just absurd and completely illogical. War leads to war, only peace leads to peace, and anyone that doesn’t understand that isn’t looking closely enough, or thinking for themselves. Unless we get our heads out the sand, change our thinking, start to investigate thoroughly (without just following the mainstream because we don’t have time or don’t want to think for ourselves), form our own opinions and stick to them, we will remain stuck on this hamster wheel of permanent despair, experiencing more conflict and war in the world to satisfy our belief that war is necessary.

What we believe, we CREATE. We are victims of our own beliefs without even realizing that we are doing the victimizing, but we don’t even know they exist because we have been programed to believe what we were told was the truth and didn’t have anything to compare it with – we have unwittingly been duped.

We all have our conscious beliefs; this is what we believe when we are awake that we get from CONSCIOUS thinking and discernment, creating CONSCIOUS beliefs which drive a tiny 1-4% of our lives. We also have SUBCONSCIOUS beliefs that we get from our programing from birth, and it’s our subconscious mind that drives our reality 95-99% of the time. But wait! Hang on, there’s more – our lives are also driven by COLLECTIVE subconscious beliefs that are so powerful, they override our conscious and individual subconscious beliefs.  In a nutshell, even though we don’t consciously believe war is necessary, the collective subconscious belief that war IS necessary supersedes everything else because so many people carry that negative vibration that nothing positive stands a chance of getting through it – until the negative beliefs and programing are removed.

We need to consider that over time we have all lost our way, and forgotten that the Government that we elected because we were influenced to believe they will look after us, make our lives better and work in our best interests, has really morphed into something quite the opposite. Some (not all) of those we elect and are taught to trust with our wellbeing are really only working for their own best interests. We have completely forgotten that they work for US, and not the other way around. If we look, do you think we’ll find that those that push for war, have something to gain personally from it?

We can’t have peace until we act peacefully. We can’t change the world until we change ourselves, so it all starts with the most important and wonderful person in your life – YOU! We need to be the change that we want to see in the world, and that starts with awareness and acceptance of the truth you have discovered whether you like it or not. No-one likes to have their beliefs debunked, and many just retreat in denial and go back to where they were, but if you have an expanded awareness and are willing to believe things can get better, you are well on your way to changing yourself and the world. We may be individual souls experiencing life on this planet, but we need to remember that we are all connected, so whatever actions we take affect us all. Keep them positive, keep them peaceful, and act from a space of love only.

I have uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel, so if you would like to start purging these horrible beliefs about war from existence, you can watch anytime you like – it’s free!  I will also run energies that will unplug you from the collective beliefs about war, and also so you can see through people and situations and know whether their intentions are good or bad, which will help you understand what’s truly going on, use your discernment, and make an informed decision. I’ll also send you healing that will help stop you from feeling overwhelmed and confused about situations like this, which will reduce the stress in your life, because let’s face it – we sure don’t need any more than we already have.

If and when you are ready to change yourself positively, you can contact me for more information about how I can help you on your journey and transformation from fear, lack and suffering, to living in a world of happiness, unconditional love and abundance.

I Love You.

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