Voyage of Transcendence:


with Dawn Livingstone


Embarkation – Mission

My mission is to provide you with the education to expand your awareness, change your perceptions, and provide alternative tools and techniques to help you change your life for the better, to increase your awareness of how life really works and empower you to take control of your life and start attracting better health, wealth, relationships and happiness.

I provide you with a forum to do just that, and to understand how extraordinary you are – you can do amazing things once you know how!

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; TEACH a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”


Module 1: How Life Works

Embark on your voyage of discovery; discovery of yourself.

Begin by learning all about energy, resonance, the Law of Vibration and how it works, the power of the subconscious mind and how you gain your beliefs and programming.

You will also learn and understand how your programming creates your life, how to enhance your awareness and help you to take back your power as a sovereign being.

Module 2: Fundamentals

In this module, you will be taught a grounding meditation to help you get to the perfect space to run and receive energies.

Here you will receive, or be taught how to run energies on yourself, that will help you prepare your physical body to receive energetic upgrades and be activated to function at an optimal level and be in physical alignment with higher vibrations.

You will understand why this is very necessary for future integration of energy up levels.

Module 3: Identifying Physical Blocks

In this module, you will learn about light bodies and how every imbalance affects you physically, and WHY you create physical issues.

You will also learn about the 7 Chakra system with their colors and locations, and by the end of the module you will know how to identify any imbalances by matching your symptoms with the cause of the imbalance, and how being more present in your body can help you release these issues.

Module 4: Past Lives

This module will consist of learning the different ways we can bring our accumulated beliefs and programming into this current lifetime, and how severing these can be beneficial.

Receive or run energies to realign your soul, remove the need to continue others pain and suffering, tackle beliefs about the religions of the world, and repair negative experiences with your family.

Module 5: Current Incarnation

In this module, we will address beliefs and programming in this current lifetime.

We will release the burdens you take on from others, understand why you are so important in your life, take back control of your thoughts and how you handle situations, stand up for yourself and speak your truth, address any addictions you are experiencing and understand why you are going through them.

You will also learn how to be aware of negative, recurring thoughts you are having and be able to remove them, whilst releasing any blocked anger, guilt and judgement that is keeping you stuck.

Module 6: It’s All About YOU!!

In this module you will learn the importance of loving yourself, and how not doing so can affect your life, and your happiness. You will learn how to connect your heart to your head, releasing burdens like sadness and judgment, and safely remove belief systems and programming that prevent you from loving yourself and treating yourself the way you should be treated.

You will run energies to help you with grounding and connecting with all elements on the planet, understanding why physical changes need to be made before higher density vibrations can integrate fully. Learn how to bring yourself more into alignment with cosmic energies from our solar system and know how to combat the effects, and learn about creation and our blocks preventing us from manifesting right now.

Module 7: Self-Care

In this module you will learn about how most of us can be really ego driven and why, and run energies to balance that with our intuition.

You will also run energies to apply protection so you are less affected by what’s thrown at you through the day, and learn how to do a full chakra rebalance on your body.



I have worked with Dawn and her education is one of my favorites.  Dawn’s approach to wellness is incredible!

Robert Raymond

CEO, Achieve Systems

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