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Healers and Money

Do you have your own business and wish to increase your clients and income?  Do you find that you struggle to obtain consistency in client numbers?  Maybe you don’t have a business but wish to increase your income?  Have you ever considered that the reason you don’t have these, is because of limiting beliefs and programing held in your subconscious mind?

I’ve said many times, that positive thoughts, words, actions and affirmations, are great things to practice, but unfortunately will be ineffective if you hold subconscious beliefs that conflicts with those thoughts, words, actions and affirmations.  By removing these beliefs, over time, lower vibrations and frequencies disappear from your body and you stop blocking new clients and income, because you will then be able to let the higher vibrational energies of abundance take their place front and center, and begin to attract the good stuff.  Raise your hand if you would like to have these removed so your positive lifestyle can take effect?





Among other things, fear is a major factor in blocking abundance from manifesting in your life.  Healers in this lifetime have usually been healers in previous lives, and many of the subconscious beliefs are brought forward into this life.  We have absolutely no idea we hold onto them, so it’s no surprise we can’t manifest what we want and need.  We can remove hundreds, even thousands of limiting beliefs by unplugging from the following fears:

Fear of Being Crucified

You can hold fear of being crucified because you’re a healer and for speaking your truth.  This is a massive collective subconscious religious belief and usually comes from past lives where you have also been a healer.

Fear of Being Killed Because You’re a Healer

Social media right now is full of stories of doctors practicing natural methods of healing being killed for finding non-invasive and non-FDA approved remedies for long standing diseases.  This is a strong program in our genetics as well as past lives.  Clearing these fears over all your lifetimes helps to release you from these chains so you can show up and do what you do.

Healers and Money

The limiting beliefs and programing around healers making money is just huge.  There are so many healers that believe they aren’t allowed to make money for helping others because society says healing should be free, or that you are charging way too much for your services.  Healers need to charge for their time; when I go to the Opticians, I’m in the chair for 10 mins max, and it costs me $99, or the Chiropractor; 5 minutes for an adjustment and my bill is $60.  Everyone has to make money; we all have families to feed and bills to pay, so why can’t you charge?  This energy helps you to move forward and charge clients with confidence, leaving that guilt behind.

Religious/Church Beliefs

Many religious programs hold us back as healers from receiving abundance.  Some programs are that healers are not allowed to make money, or that anything you earn must be given to the church, that suffering for God is necessary, that healers must work for free, that it is forbidden or impossible to communicate directly with your God, or that there is only one true religion.  Disconnecting from those limiting religious constructs, and removing any past-life oaths or vows you have unwittingly made, will allow you to understand the full truth about religion, and realign you with the energy of abundance, whilst releasing any trapped trauma or angst relating to any past life service to the church.

Fear of Failure/Change/Success (Success Realignment)

Nearly everyone holds ‘I am a success’ and ‘I am a failure,’ and the one with the most collective subconscious power always gets its way.  In this case, and unfortunately, the collective fear is of failure, so ‘I am a failure’ will block ‘I am a success’ every single time.  People also hold a fear of success; unsure of how their life will change if they are successful – maybe they won’t have enough time for themselves or their families, or they will get rich and be viewed as a horrible person, or maybe they have a fear of being seen and really just want a quiet life and not get recognized.  These can all be removed so you can be realigned with the vibration of success.

Fear of Growing too Fast

Some healers worry that if they manifest lots of clients at once won’t be able to cope.  They fret that they will have to work super hard and have no time for relaxing, and that working too hard will burn them out, then they worry there will be no income!  Worrying and stressing about something in the future that hasn’t even happened yet, will actually start to create more situations to make you worry, and cause resistance to any abundance that is trying to reach you.

Fear of Seeing the Truth/Fear of Shining

We all want to shine, to be helpful, to be of service to others in their highest and best way, however we can hold the subconscious belief that if we shine our light out to the world it may not be a good thing.  That is resistance, and resistance blocks everything.  This could be for a multitude of reasons, like safety; if you are out there in public view, some people may not resonate with you and confront you and that will make you feel unsafe, and question your chosen path.  These energies will help you see your highest truth and purpose, removing any fear associated with that knowledge, whilst knowing it’s safe to continue.


Running your own business can be really stressful and overwhelming.  You have to learn EVERY aspect of your business, and for most of us starting out, we have to DO every aspect of our business.  Build and maintain our websites, advertise, create content, social media, fulfilment, appointments, follow-ups etc.  The list goes on.  This energy clears feelings and emotions of being overwhelmed, stress and anxiety in different situations, helping you stay focused, relaxed, and knowing all is well and will be taken care of.

If this resonates with you, and you would like to clear all the above fears, this is done in the recorded healing; details are below.  I look forward to helping you remove all this negativity and seeing your business grow.

I Love You.


Healers and Money

Would you like to clear all the negative subconscious beliefs and programing that block you from obtaining clients or earning more money?

Clear hundreds of belief systems of fear, and subconscious programing, around religion, persecution, speaking your truth, failing, changes to your life, resistance to receiving abundance, and clearing overwhelm and stress from your life – and more!

Healers and Money – MP3 File – 41 minutes.  13 healing activations/deactivations.

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