New Earth Healing

with Dawn Livingstone


Who Looks After The Healers?

Do you come into contact with many people every day? Are you around those who are negative?

As a healer for 20+ years, I didn’t realize until the last few years, that I had been taking on the negative vibrations and emotions of those that crossed my path. I was spending my time helping to release THEIR negativity and unknowingly walking away with some of it. Talk about a huge burden to bear!

Most of us are too busy helping others get through their problems that we don’t even consider our own wellbeing, because healers have to be healed, to heal others, and they aren’t affected by all of this, right?

That couldn’t be more wrong.

Healers are human too. We are navigating our way through life like everyone else, doing our best to get by and dealing with anything that tries to trip us up along our journey, in the best way that we know how. We are all constantly learning and experiencing, every single day.

Wouldn’t it be nice to release the negativity that we pick up from others; the sorrow and sadness, loss and loneliness, anger and resentment, sickness and dis-ease, and get realigned with the balance of life and the increased energy and vibration of love and abundance, whilst shedding those of the lower vibration of fear, lack and suffering? To be in a state of non-judgment and love for yourself, to enable you to accept and love all others? To stay true to yourself and remain in your power whilst dealing with conflicts and drama from others? To be able to understand that trauma and shock of others can be observed without it affecting you, and at the end of the day, go home feeling like you’re in love with your life, completely unaffected? I’m quite sure your answer is yes.

We live in the vibration of fear, lack and suffering, instead of a happy place filled with the vibration of unconditional love and abundance. We are taught from birth to look at health as physical ONLY. Doctors recommend a myriad of lab-created drugs which mask the symptoms, or surgery which temporarily removes the symptom, but both leave the root cause of the problem (accumulated unreleased emotions or negative beliefs) untouched. Over time we find that those suppressed emotions will manifest themselves in a different area of the body to get your attention yet again. Our body needs to be living in the now, in harmony, going with the flow, which we tend not to do, because we don’t realize it would be detrimental to our physical bodies and our overall holistic health.

‘Normal’ healing consists of pharmaceuticals, surgery etc, none of which will truly heal you because they just mask the symptoms. Healing needs to be done from within, to reset us holistically not just physically. It needs to be done on a heart/soul level, removing our beliefs that make us give away our power, to help us heal internally, to soothe and heal our soul, not just treat us physically or mentally. Holistically, surgery itself won’t help, but I’m not suggesting it is NEVER necessary; sometimes there’s a need to have something physically removed like a problem appendix or a broken tooth.

Sometimes surgery can give us that extra time to understand holistic healing, so we can view things on a much deeper level to boost our healing and live a more balance life. Unfortunately, on diagnosis of severe dis-eases, panic can often set in which creates more fear to deal with, so I can’t stress enough that taking care of yourself from as early on in your life as possible to avoid dis-ease should be strongly considered.

If we start each day connected; ground ourselves, do a little of what makes us feel good like yoga or meditation, it will set us up for a good day because we are not allowing ourselves to become disconnected and sucked into the 3D vibrations.

If we are out of balance, we can get stressed and anxious. We can also start to get defensive, trying to prepare for new issues to protect ourselves from the effect before they even happen. This causes disharmony and knocks your body out of balance right away, we lose the equilibrium that keeps us centered, aligned, and stops us going with the flow of life, worry free. Getting angry and even feeling nauseous are two more of many symptoms of imbalance.

Healers need care too. You must respect yourself enough to have the responsibility to take care of yourself as a priority because you can’t continue to help others until you do. You need a maintenance program that clears emotions and beliefs of others that affect you every day to prevent a total burnout and complete crash. You need to keep yourself in tippy top shape to be able to do your work to the best of your ability. Everyone needs to be healed; parents, nurses, counselors, first responders and doctors etc, even those in the customer service business – if you come into contact with many people throughout your day (even over the phone!) you can take on their stuff.

Heal your soul, that’s where all of you ‘is.’   It’s inside you, not outside. Inside is where all the unhealed issues reside as well as love and joy and happiness. Many healers in this lifetime have been healers in several previous lives, and more often than not, I find that parts of their soul are left with those lifetimes, which results in you feeling lost right now and not knowing your purpose in this incarnation. Soul retrieval can help. Even address anger and resentment towards God, as well as everyone and everything from all lifetimes, you have no idea how common it is and how quickly it can be changed. It will help you remember who you really are, be connected to everything again, and feel realigned and on the right path to navigate your way through your life free of struggle.

You will more easily understand what you are here to do, what your life purpose is, and you will have confidence that, over time, will be off the charts. You will evolve to feel open and aware but not be affected by anything, and understand that those that you help to heal are displaying their ‘stuff’ and you have no need to make it yours.

If you take steps to prevent yourself from taking on outside influences then you will evolve, become more aware, expand your consciousness and heal physically, mentally and emotionally. If you want to be able to show up to help your clients and get paid, you will need to keep yourself healthy. You will be able to intuitively read someone to find out what is going on because you are healthy and connected and going with the flow.

Why is giving you this message so important to me? Because I just crashed. I had been doing way too much in the way of healing others that I completely forgot about self-care. I crashed because I needed a reminder that I need to make my own wellbeing a priority in order for me to continue working to help others. I need to consider myself FIRST and NOT feel like I was being selfish. The most important person in my life is me, and the most important person in your life is YOU. Please don’t ever forget that.

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I Love You.



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