New Earth Healing

Level 1 – Self Development

Level 1 – Self Development Healing Class

Are you fed up with getting nowhere in your life?
Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, getting nowhere fast?
Are you in a bad relationship, can’t find love, or are attracting the wrong people that just don’t suit you?
Do you want a new job, or more success?
Are you living your life stressed, anxious, depressed?
Are you constantly sick, and not able to shake it off?
Are you always living paycheck to paycheck, unable to save or buy things you want?
What areas of your life would you like to improve?

Do you know your beliefs create your life?  Do you know that they are held in your subconscious mind and that your subconscious mind drives 95-99% of your life?  Do you know what beliefs your subconscious mind holds?  Do you know that YOU create your life, so your life is a mirror of your beliefs?  What negative beliefs does your life mirror back to you?

We have been unknowingly programed since birth, from our parents, teachers, government, news media, social media, and the vast majority of it creates fear and negative beliefs that go straight into our subconscious mind and ultimately run our lives.  Wouldn’t it be great if we can remove those negative beliefs and allow positive beliefs to run your life?  Well you can.

I invite you to join me for a six-week basic healing program that will kick-start you into creating a better life.  The whole program will work on the fundamental core beliefs that are the most common, thereby clearing as many as possible straight away, not only in our own subconscious mind, but also in the collective subconscious mind of humanity. The sessions include necessary and preparatory energies that allow your body and cells to accept all future energetic changes, as well as energies that remove entire belief systems that do not serve you, replacing them with positive beliefs so you can begin creating what you really want in your life.

This is a first level, beginner course that I’ve designed to kick-start you into healing fast enough to notice shifts in your life without knocking you flat for days!  There will be two scheduled live webinars per month, over three months which gives you sufficient time to integrate all the energies and changes fully into the body.  The first two live webinars will be absolutely free to you, so it’s a good time to sign up, find out what it’s all about and make an incredible start to improving your life.  These energies will get to work straight away, and you may notice shifts in just days after each of these sessions – it works fast, and is really effective.

Over these six sessions, we will discuss and remove negative belief systems that stop you from loving yourself, beliefs about family that affect you more than you think, as well as running energies that will enhance your confidence and self-esteem, help you to take back your power and step up and create your life, while overcoming fears that are stopping you from moving forward.

Here are more details for each week:

Week 1 – Preparing Ourselves for Positive Change

We will run preparatory energies so your cells can upgrade to a higher vibration and accept all future energy changes which are absolutely essential to promote your awareness and expansion.  Helps you to integrate future energies easily, whilst recharging every one of your cells and enhancing your intuition.  Your ‘Tree of Life’ is activated, allowing better and more efficient flow of energy within the body, whilst removing negative belief systems that block it’s flow.  These energies will disconnect you from and remove core negative belief systems about families, that will enhance your relationships with your family members.  We will also run energy to enhance your DNA and improve your immune system.

Week 2 – Learning to Love Yourself

We will clear blocks that prevent you from loving others in the world, and release you from judging yourself and others.  We will release you from the need to create situations that make you angry and resentful at anything and anyone.  We will also discreate the pattern of having to do everything for everyone else and not put yourself first.  You will be disconnected from your non-serving beliefs around unworthiness, feeling that you don’t deserve anything good in your life, and find the truth about being ‘selfish.’  We will also connect you with the feeling of self-love.

Week 3 – Learning to Trust Yourself

The energy in this session will enhance your relationships with your family members, clear your belief systems of collective negative programing since you were born and release all self-judgment and self-punishments for things you regret doing over any lifetime, help you to hold respect, trust and loyalty for yourself and others.  They will help you allow yourself to be ‘in love’ with life, take control of your life and release conflict with others.  Connect with your true beauty and magnificence and know that you are truly the most important person in your life.

Week 4 – Becoming Whole Again

Experience the return of soul fragments you have left behind, clearing out traumas and helping you to reclaim your power.  Release the need to create situations that make you suffer just to survive.  Create healthy boundaries so you know when to say ‘no,’ and stick to your guns without creating conflict.  Get a huge boost to your self-confidence and self-esteem, release the need to create situations that make you disappointed, and ground all those wonderful new found energies into mother earth.

Week 5 – Overcoming Fear

We will release any oaths, vows or commitments you have made that keep you stuck, and release any karma associated with them so you can move on.  We will remove any fear that changing will bring as this alone can act as a barrier to prosperity.  We will also clear any anger, fear, guilt, judgment, resentment, jealousy and pain, shock, or trauma associated with those incidents to help you live a much calmer life, and we will also run energies that allow you to learn through creating joyful and happy situations instead of those that create fear and suffering.

Week 6 – Getting Your Power Back

Discreate negative pathways in the brain and create new positive pathways to allow positive thoughts about people/situations – this energy is very powerful.  Receive energies that will align you with your true self and your purpose in life, that will help you follow it without delay or fear.  You will be unplugged from the vibrations of fear, lack and suffering, and get connected to the vibrations of unconditional love, happiness and abundance.  Retrieve your personal power that you have unknowingly given away to others, and take back your power.  Disconnect from the illusion of lack and understand the only limits you have are those that you set yourself.  Beliefs will be removed around being a victim or being taken advantage of so you no longer create those situations, and allow yourself to stand up and show up and be proud of the real you.

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