Do you ever wish that you could have something in your life right now?  What would that be?  A new car, a new job, running a 5k and chopping 5 minutes off your best time? What about producing new customers for your business, or attracting good and reliable employees?  How much income would you like to attract each month?

Wouldn’t it be good if we could just manifest whatever we want right away?  That sounds like a plan; it sure would make life much easier and very simple, wouldn’t it? Well, yes it would, but there is a very good reason why we can’t do so.

It’s because there are steps to life.  Steps on your transformation through this existence that you need to experience and learn from, and manifesting instantaneously would knock that right on the head.  As an example, think about a butterfly laying an egg on your favorite flowers – the egg hatches as a caterpillar and grows from eating those favorite flowers of yours, until it senses a change is about to take place.  Now it doesn’t resist it, because it doesn’t know about resistance, it only knows about flow, the flow of life, allowing life to move through every single cell of your body to transform you into whatever you are transforming into – it doesn’t care, it doesn’t think about it or question whether it’s right or wrong – it just accepts and integrates this change.  The caterpillar makes the most beautiful cocoon and over a period of time and after a miraculous transmutation, emerges as an incredibly beautiful butterfly.  Then the butterfly flies off, lays its eggs and the whole cycle starts over again.  It’s the cycle of life.  The flow of life.  The constant and changing vibrations of the universe.

Change is a process. It’s definitely not a race, because firstly we have to be aware that we can change, understand that we CAN change, agree to the changes, implement the changes and then integrate them.  It’s absolutely NOT happening overnight!  Small steps – it will happen at the right time for you.

The way I see our existence is like this:

Firstly, the matrix is the world that we enter into unknowingly from birth, where we are programmed to think, do, behave and believe in a certain way, to keep us in fear and controlled.  This is what we are creating and living in now.  It exists on the vibrations of fear, lack and suffering, held hostage by the overwhelming, dominant power of the negative belief systems held within the collective subconscious mind.

Secondly, there is the DIVINE matrix, where we are energetically connected to everything, and which has a very unique language all of its own.  It’s frequency, it’s vibration, and since everything is energy/vibration, if you are emitting a specific frequency that’s what you will attract in your life.  If it’s negative vibrations, you will attract people and situations in your life to confirm your negative words or beliefs, but if you emit positive vibrations of joy, love and happiness, we’re in a whole new realm, because guess what you’ll attract?  You got it!

Here’s a brief, high level summary of how manifesting works.  The top three main chakras of the body; the Crown, Third Eye and Throat, are responsible for your thoughts.  The bottom three main chakras; the Root/Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus, are responsible for your emotions. The chakra that is left is the Heart, which holds the feelings of love and fear.  The Heart chakra is where the vibration that resonates with the Divine matrix is generated.  Creating strong positive thoughts (top chakras) and emotions (bottom chakras) go on to create strong feelings of LOVE in the Heart, and the more love you generate about receiving whatever you want to manifest, is what helps brings it about.

So, the more positively you focus on something you want, the more excitement you will create which then sends out love vibration to the Divine matrix to bring you the things you desire.  But it takes practice, and lots of it.  Try thinking about something you want to attract several times per day – if you meditate, do so as often as you can, FOCUS on it and feel the emotions growing. After a while you will feel the excitement, goosebumps even, and the more you do this the higher the chance of receiving it.  See very clearly what it is that you want, see it, touch it, smell it if you can.

If you desire a new car – research it, go test drive it – FEEL like you already have it and start the process of bringing it into existence for you.  Talk like you already have it – talk about it in the PRESENT tense.  Be mindful of saying ‘I will have a new car in six months’ because that’s where your car will stay – six months in your future, and out of your reach.  There is no such thing as time to the Divine matrix: there is only NOW.  No past, no future, only present, so that’s when you need to feel this joy – right NOW.  Happiness and Joy and Gratitude are all vibrations, and it’s the language of the universe – the universe communicates on vibrations, on frequency, and if you vibrate those feelings regularly, you will help bring your desires to you.

Listening to the Seed of Life Activation while focusing can help you too –  Read about how this energy works here.

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I Love You.

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