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with Dawn Livingstone 

Organic, Plant-Derived Minerals

“The human body requires at least 60 minerals in order to maintain a disease and ailment free state” and “Vitamins are basically useless in the absence of minerals” – Dr Gary Price-Todd

“The root of all dis-ease is directly related to a lack of minerals” – Dr Linus Pauling

The World Health Organization, the UK Ministry of Agriculture, Unicef, and the Royal Society of Chemistry have all produced reports showing the alarming mineral content decline in our foods since the 1940’s.

Do you have aches, pains, disorders, dis-ease or sickness?

If so, then Simply Naturals minerals may help you.  They are the world’s first pure plant-derived minerals to be produced in an effervescent wafer containing 600mg of 75 plant-derived minerals.  They are bio-available which means they are water soluble and can reach anywhere in the body that water can.  Typical over-the-counter laboratory made metallic minerals are too large to be absorbed by the body and are typically only 20% absorbed at max.  An independent laboratory analysis is available to back up this claim.

Metallic mineral molecules are enormous compared to plant-derived molecules.  The average plant-derived mineral would be 1/10,000th the size of a red blood cell.  Consequently plant-derived minerals are significantly more easily absorbed and are fully bio-available.  The small number of minerals found in plants today is due to a mineral deficiency in the soils around the world.  When a plant grows, it draws available minerals from the soil.  If the soil lacks minerals, the plant lacks minerals, and as a result, so do you.  Did you know that nowadays our food contains on average, no more than 18 minerals because of excess farming, GMO and pesticide use, and that in the USA, our soil is 85% depleted of minerals?

I have been taking these minerals for years, after just a few weeks, the lower back discomfort that I constantly had following spinal surgery, just completely disappeared and has never been back, and the RSI that I had in both my wrists has also gone – I would highly recommend them! 

Life is sacred, but good health is essential!!

Read additional information in this wonderful e-brochure here, and customer testimonials here, or you can go straight to our affiliate website here – make sure you select the correct country from the drop down box to show the correct currency.  Please email me if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to help!

“I have been taking the minerals for 5 years now. Beforehand, I used to feel sluggish in the mornings, and my nails were very thin and used to split and break easily. Now I sleep soundly and feel refreshed in the mornings and my nails no longer split and look great! I am 75 years old and have gone back to working voluntarily 2 afternoons each week, and attend line dancing classes twice per week. I feel great!”


Evelyn Innes, Scotland, UK.








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