New Earth Healing

with Dawn Livingstone


Living Life To The Full

Is your day full of happiness and joy and everything goes your way?  Do you wake up and just wish you could go back to sleep?  Is your focus anywhere other than it’s supposed to be?  Do you find yourself drinking more, or doing other addictive things like playing video games and being on social media all the time?  Are you trying to escape from your life every single day?  Are you feeling angry or resentful for what’s happening to you in the world?  Does your daily life contain drama and other issues that cause it to be just overwhelming?

When we are unhappy and unsettled with our lives, our low vibrational thoughts, feelings and emotions can be quite detrimental to us. Our energy is a fraction of what it would be when we are happy and excited and looking forward to our day.  Negative thoughts, words, actions and beliefs really zap our energy and as a result, we start to struggle in our daily lives.  If we aren’t aware of our negativity then we will keep creating events to make us struggle because that’s what resonates with our vibration and that’s what we attract; more events that will reinforce our beliefs.  Anything negative is very low vibrational, and whatever we focus on we create, right?  Whatever we vibrate out is returned back to us, so why are we sitting around creating negativity, and constantly feeling like we’ve lost our lust for life when we would much rather be happy and content?

When things don’t go right in our lives, we can easily turn to addictions of any kind.  These could range from shopping, over consumption of food, alcohol or drugs, hoarding, and many other things.  We lose the will to get up in the morning, and the longer our feelings go unaddressed, sometimes we can lose the will to live.  Do you feel helpless, incapable, doubt yourself, feel like life has dealt you a blow and made you the victim?  Do you feel you are too small to make a difference, get angry easily, experience traumatic events, or attract abuse in any way, shape or form?  Do you feel unmotivated, have regrets, bouts of sadness or depression, feel like there’s no point, or fed up of not being seen or heard?  We can even absorb negative emotions and feelings from others around us; fear, sorrow, resentment, and even beliefs about sickness, lack and struggle.

Lots of things that go on in the world are designed to keep our vibrations low which keeps us in lack and struggle.  Tell me another species that lives on this planet that has to pay money to live here?  Can’t think of any?  Correct.  No bird, insect or animal has to pay money to exist; they live their daily lives according to their instincts, they don’t have to buy land, nor have to be ‘on the grid’.  Who gives countries and so-called authorities the rights to hold us all to ransom for money and everything that we have in this world?  Many centuries ago, we had some VERY clever people.  Those who knew that if they gave themselves status and enforced that belief through fear, then the people would succumb and believe it.

No-one gave royalty the ‘Royal’ status, they did that themselves, and over time, they, as well as government and local authorities, governing bodies like the FDA and others, have gradually made us all believe that they matter more than we do and have the final say.  You’re not going to like the answer, but who gives countries and so-called authorities the right to a higher status than us?

We do.

Now I know that answer may have triggered you, because some of you don’t believe that it’s true and you don’t want to be responsible or be accountable for what’s been going on because it’s not your fault, right?  Okay, but hear me out.  We give them that status and live by their rules and laws, because we’ve been born into this lifetime and have unwittingly accepted the collective subconscious programing that others are better than us, and that others are the only ones that can make decisions for us, and that we MUST obey their decision or face punishment.  They have done such a good job doing this covertly over the centuries, that we don’t even realize there’s a problem.   Just think about it.  Look at the state of the world we live in.  Poverty, war, anger, hatred, violence, homelessness, disease, fear – it’s everywhere.  It’s all by design to keep us controlled; to keep us suppressed and dependent on the state to look after us, to keep us all in forced and unnecessary debt and struggle through fear tactics – they have basically done such an efficient job that we are now no longer allowed to think for ourselves and making our own decisions without others attacking us.  There are those so ingrained into this system of deceit, that they will fight to defend anything you say against the authoritarian narrative by calling you crazy, ridiculous, and so much worse.  Nothing will change until we are aware of the truth of what’s really going on, and come to realize that we can take back our thinking and our power, by standing up to what we now know has been taken from us without our permission; taken from us against our FREE WILL.

Now for the good news.  We can change it.  If you’re unhappy with the current state of the world, and I’m sure you can see there is MUCH room for improvement, or if you’re unhappy with any aspect of your life, are you ready to change it for the better?  We are only in this situation because we accept how things are.  We don’t have to accept anything if it doesn’t serve us, and life at the moment sure doesn’t.  We have a choice to change our lives for the better.  Yes, you read that correctly – you have a CHOICE!

I look forward to helping you get your mojo back.  After all, it belongs to you, you just need to KNOW you have the power to reclaim it, and to be given the tools to do so.

I Love You.

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