How do you really feel about money? Is money something you could have more of?  Are you so sick of not having enough?

If you find yourself stuck in a rut, just having enough to pay bills, maybe you hold the belief that money is the root of all evil, or you don’t deserve to have money, to name but a few.  If we hold an unconscious belief that we are not worthy of receiving money, then that’s what will happen – we won’t receive it. From when you were a small child, what were you told about money? Maybe that there wasn’t enough, or, you need to be rich to get more money. Do you have a fear of money – what happens if you get loads of money and you have to pay lots of tax, does that scare you? Do you think money will make you a horrible person? Were you told you had to work extra hard just to have money?  If you had money, would your friends and family suddenly take an interest in you only for your money?

In this series we clear all of the above beliefs, along with the following Activations that each clear dozens of belief systems that we are carrying.

Session 1:

Caste System Family
Healers and Money
Lack and Limitations
Money is Dirty and Rich People Suck!
Polar Opposites
Collective Church
I am Worthy
Integration with Grace and Ease

Session 2:

Are You a Victim?
Are You a Martyr?
Ultimate Release of Anger, Guilt, Fear
Abundance Connection 1 and 2
Are you Stuck?

Session 3:

Caste System Money
Collective Wound Release
Creative Gene Extraordinaire
Financial Independence
Forbidden Deactivation
Disappointment Release

Session 4:

Millionaire Consciousness
Money Gene
Money and Time
Prosperity Code
Debtor Prison

Here’s to fast-tracking to an abundant future.

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