Your reality is your own video game, you are responsible for what happens to you which means YOU can change it. Money is just a tool in our video game to make things difficult and complicated for us - when you play the PS or Xbox and you don’t like something in our video game, what do we do? We pause the game and change it to something better. Changing our beliefs are absolutely no different!

The energy on this planet very clearly vibrates at a level that attracts fear and suffering and lack. We are quickly moving from this energy vibration, over to a 5th dimensional vibrational energy which is unconditional love and abundance - we just need to learn how to play the game!

Over and above the law of attractions thoughts, words and actions creating your life - so are your belief systems. These play a MASSIVE part in our manifesting our lives, and if we hold more negative beliefs than positive ones, guess how that affects our lives? Yep, negatively!

So in these sessions we are going to be removing the beliefs that block us from attracting money, and installing positive beliefs to help us ATTRACT it. We will also change the beliefs through our genetics and DNA, over our past/present and future lives, and trust me, the amount of negative beliefs we obtain over all our lives are tremendous! These are held in our subconscious so we’re not even aware of them, so we will clear them all out of the collective consciousness and collective subconscious - 95% of our belief systems tick over continuously in our subconscious minds, and we need that to stop - it’s not helping us AT ALL!

These were recorded over 4 sessions as there are way too many to do at once:

Session 1:
Caste System Family
Healers and Money
Lack and Limitations
Money is Dirty and Rich People Suck
Polar Opposites
Collective Church
I am Worthy
Integration With Grace & Ease

Session 2:
Are You a Victim?
Are You a Martyr?
Ultimate Release of Anger, Guilt & Fear
Abundance Connection 1
Abundance Connection 2
Are you Stuck
Integration With Grace & Ease

Session 3:
Caste System Money
Collective Wound Release
Creative Gene Extraordinaire
Financial Independence
Forbidden Deactivation
Disappointment Release
Integration With Grace & Ease

Session 4:
Millionaire Collective Consciousness
Money Gene
Money & Time
Prosperity Code
Debtor Prison
Integration With Grace & Ease


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