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Plant-Derived Minerals

Many people are aware that they need vitamin supplements, but not as may know minerals are an essential and important part of their diet.  They are essential for building and enhancing your immune system strength, charging your energy levels, increasing brain function, and playing a good part in anti-ageing.  Our bodies need them to fight back and keep us in the best of health.

When I was a child, I always heard “Take your vitamins!”  Never once did I hear “Take your minerals!

There are 16 essential vitamins; A, B1 (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin), B5 (Pantothenic Acid), B6 (Pyridoxine), B12 (Cobalamin), Vitamins C/D/E/K, Biotin, Choline, Flavonoids and Bioflavonoids, Folic Acid and Inositol.  Did you know that even if you had the presence of all 16 of these vitamins in your diet, they are virtually useless without the presence of minerals?  The body MUST have the presence of minerals effectively absorb those vitamins.

Mineral depletion from our soil is a worldwide issue.  Did you know that the soil in North America has lost 85% of its mineral content?  South America and Asia 75%, Africa 74%, Europe 72% and Australia are depleted by 55%?  These are crazy numbers, but thanks to over farming, the use of pesticides and a massive increase in genetically modified crops, it’s an insane reality.

Currently, I believe that we are all undernourished, which is partly responsible for the levels of obesity humanity is experiencing.  We eat constantly because we always feeling hungry and we aren’t able to ingest the correct fuel for our body to feel satiated.

So, from where do the plants that we grow get their minerals?  Yep, you got it, from the SOIL.  So, if the soil here in the USA is 85% depleted, what happens to the mineral content in our plants and vegetables? You got it again – 85% less essential MINERALS.  Minerals that our bodies need to live a healthy life.

Dr Linus Pauling who is a 2-time Nobel Laureate, stated:

”The root cause of all disease is directly related to a lack of minerals in the body. ”

Dr Gary Price-Todd stated:

“The human body needs at least 60 minerals to maintain a disease and ailment free state.”

And that “Vitamins are basically useless in the absence of minerals.”

Currently, only 15-20 minerals are found in our food, which leaves a MASSIVE deficiency in our bodies.  This, to me, is VERY concerning.

You may be thinking that to get all we need we can just pop to the pharmacy and buy an over the counter mineral supplement, right?  Well, maybe not.  Firstly, be aware of the good minerals and the not-so-good minerals.

Metallic Minerals

The human body is an incredible machine.  It is capable of healing in so many ways and absorbing as much of the good stuff that it can from our food, to help us function optimally and maintain good health.

However, it’s NOT designed to assimilate or absorb any metallic minerals because the molecules are too big and aren’t 100% water soluble, and as a result can’t reach every cell in the body.  Lab-made metallic minerals come from salts, clay, ancient sea-beds and ground up rocks and soil, and are only 10-20% bioavailable at best, and they cannot pass the blood/brain barrier, so the goodness can’t get to essential areas of the body.  I sure don’t want to ingest rocks and soil – what about you?

The health food industry has recognized the absorption problem with metallic minerals since the mid 1970’s, however some companies continue to use them.  Ask yourself why they would do this?  Answer: because they are cheap to manufacture.  This means your health is compromised.  In favor of profit.  Nice.

I would like to list the benefits of metallic minerals, but I can’t think of any, so I’ll move right along to the plant-based section.

Plant-Derived Minerals

Plant-derived minerals are NOT metallic, they are NOT manmade and are NOT made in a lab.  They are absolutely 100% natural vegetation, and that makes them perfect for your body to absorb, giving you everything you need to stay healthy and arm your body to cope pretty well with anything that’s thrown at it.  You assimilate 100% of plant-derived minerals.

Here’s how I know minerals are essential to the body.

I have been taking a prehistoric 100% naturally organic plant-derived, 75+ mineral supplement for almost 10 years now.  In 2005, I had an accident in my karate class and fell badly breaking a disc in my lower back.  I was in constant and horribly intense sciatic pain for 2 years until surgery remedied the breakage and my pain subsided, but even though my chronic sciatica was no longer, I always had this ache across my lower back.  Six weeks after starting to take plant-derived minerals, the ache completely disappeared.  I also noticed that the aches in my fingers from massaging for hours each day had also improved, and I was hardly noticing it.  My nails also felt the benefit, growing in nice and strong and long.

My mother noticed the vertical flaw in her nails that kept breaking, flaking, and catching on her clothes had disappeared over a few weeks.

Another client of mine began taking them at the onset of menopause and within weeks noticed that the feeling of a constantly full bladder just vanished, and her hot flashes became ‘warm’ and less frequent.

Other clients have been reporting fuller and thicker hair, and even hair growing back.  Knee and hip joint aches and arthritis were vastly improved, allowing them to do things that they weren’t previously able to do because of the pain, like dancing and other forms of exercise.  Some have reported increased energy, blood-pressure normalization and reduction in strength of pharmaceutical drugs (some were even taken off their meds) as a result of giving the body the fuel it requires to make you healthy. Vast improvements in psoriasis and acne.  I could go on and on.

The image on the left shows how red blood cells are clumped together because minerals aren’t present in the body, and the image on the right side shows how they are free flowing in the blood stream after just FIVE weeks of taking plant-derived minerals daily.

I can’t stress enough how these have changed my life and eliminated my pain.  If you are looking to improve your health, make sure you get plant-derived minerals, at LEAST 60, but 70-75 if you can, and start taking them as soon as possible and see how long it takes you to feel the difference.

Choose wisely, your health and quality of life is at stake.  Please reach out to me if you require information on the ones that I use and will take for the rest of my life.

I love you.

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