11 – Fruit of Life


Open up 13 chakras and clear energy blocks, stuck emotions and negative belief systems. Helps you to be grounded and connected to your higher self, recreating balance holistically. 




The fruit of life activation is all about nourishing the body, and this can’t happen if there are energy blockages and stuck emotions in the body.  This energy activates your 13 chakras which will keep you grounded and connected to your higher self, and allows everything to flow around you.  It also clears negative belief systems and programing from these chakras as they are taken to a higher vibration.  In Sanskrit, the word Chakras means ‘wheel of energy’ and these are the points in the body that accept positive energy, and discards negativity during healing.

I’ve been a Reiki master/teacher for 20 years so I’m very aware how important it is to have free-flowing chakras. Over time, chakra blockages build up and can manifest as a dis-ease in the body.

So if you have a blockage in your root chakra, you may experience stress and anxiety, lack of focus, or worry in varying degrees right up to paranoia. If the blockage is in your sacral, then you may experience boredom, low sex drive, or addictions, and I don’t mean just drugs and alcohol, I’m talking about things like shopping, drama, gossip amongst many other things.  A solar plexus imbalance could mean lack of confidence, insecurity, feeling that you’re not good enough, and trouble with memory.  Heart imbalance may result in lack of compassion and impatience, feel unable to trust others, high blood pressure and a low immune system.  Throat chakra imbalance could mean you can’t say what you really feel, and struggle with verbal communication, or experience some hormone fluctuations.  Third eye imbalances can make you feel useless and unimportant, unconnected and lost, have sleep issues and have trouble learning new things.  A crown chakra imbalance can be caused by a traumatic situation in your life – any blockage can cause lack of motivation and excitement and can sometimes generate depression, and manifest physically as headaches.  So if you experience any of these, this is a good activation for you.  If you can listen to this weekly it would greatly help you, but monthly at a minimum.

When you run this energy regularly, it will remove any new blockages, which will then allow the energy to flow freely between the chakras, keeping you healthy and in balance. You really do notice a difference.  This energy was really a step up for me, as in Reiki only the 7 major chakras are balanced, so this one really expanded my awareness of my healing – I really noticed the difference physically.

The energy will start working on the root chakra, and I’ll tell you when I’m moving up the body and through the chakras, and if I’m prompted to talk to you it will be to trigger a memory or a situation within you, so just go with it, allow them to come up because that’s what will be cleared.

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