13 – Heaven on Earth


Release any oaths, vows, commitments, contracts you have made to carry on the suffering of your ancestors.  It also clears blocks from any fears and sabotage, that keep you in the energy of suffering.



This activation releases oaths made to suffer for those who came before you.  Many empathic people carry the pain of the planet and our ancestors and this energy will remove the need to carry this burden.  It also clears blocks and any fears and sabotage that prevent you from moving forward and working on your purpose in life.  It also clears the need to create situations that are distracting to you, which is a major block in itself. So any oaths, vows, commitments or contracts, however they were made, whether it be verbal, written or otherwise, that you made with your ancestors that causes you to continue to live out THEIR suffering, will be severed.  Don’t you think that life can be stressful enough without having to carry on the pain of others?

I sure do, and since I’ve been clearing them, life is much easier – it flows better much easier, and I find I don’t experience as many barriers or difficulties any longer.  We don’t HAVE to live with this burden, it’s definitely not serving us, so let’s get rid of it and fast, so we can experience what we know heaven to be, right now.

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