14 – 20 Foundation Activations


Seven Foundation Activations. See below for full description.


14 – Alchemy of the 3rd Dimension. Unplug from 3rd dimensional beliefs of fear, lack and suffering, and plug into the 5th vibration of unconditional love and abundance. Helps you stand in your power and speak your truth.

15 – Planetary Alignment. Aligns you with the transformative energies of the planets, and releases blockages that prevent smooth transitions. It will help you to shift with that flow of planetary energies and minimize any upheaval associated with astrological changes. You will be able to manifest more potently  and release negative energy more easily.

16 – Bleeding Heart. Detach from the suffering of others without feeling responsible, to help you support, love and heal the suffering in the world.

17 – Are You A Martyr? This energy will release the belief that other people are more important than you, and help you achieve balance in taking care of yourself and others, allowing you to hold healthy boundaries and be able to say ‘no.’

18 – Addictions Redirection. Restores the instinct and energy to self-nurture. It also targets the emotions that cause suffering and helps to heal our perception of experiences that caused those emotions. This will help you release anything you may be using as a substitute for love and nurturing.  

19 – Spiritual Ego Release. Balance your ego to work FOR you, not against you.  Be able to function without worrying about the outcome.

20 – Anger & Resentment Towards God. Release anger, resentment and hatred towards God and everyone and break the cycle of having to attract instances that recreate these emotions.

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