16 – Bleeding Heart


Detach from the suffering of others without feeling responsible, to help you support, love and heal the suffering in the world.



People tend to want to heal the world, however when trying to do so they give their power away and take on the sorrow and sadness of the world.  You can’t help others if you are being destroyed by their pain and suffering.  This energy enables you to detach from the suffering of others so that your heart is whole and replenished, then you are far more effective to help, support, love and heal the suffering in the world.  It will also give you discernment and boundaries so you can heal yourself, without feeling responsible for healing the world.

We need to understand that healing the world or making huge changes, actually starts with yourself.  You are the most important thing that needs healed right now, and when you start to self-heal, you help the world a little bit at a time because we’re all energy and we’re all connected.  Although we are individual human beings with free will, the illusion that has been created that all humans are separate is NOT accurate in the slightest.  There is no separation, just connectedness, so when we heal ourselves, we help heal us all.  We just need to remember how we’re connected, and by doing these activations you’re well on your way.  So let’s disconnect from the sadness of the planet.

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