19 – Spiritual Ego Release


Balance your ego to work FOR you, not against you.  Be able to function without worrying about the outcome.



People that are on a spiritual or healing path, often have too much or too little spiritual ego. Too much and they develop the need to treat people as their ‘Guru’, too little and they worry constantly about being unworthy that they can’t create anything good at all. So this energy balances the ego to help you move forward with your life, without your ego holding you back at all. Some people think we could do without our ego but that’s not correct at all – we NEED our ego to serve us, we just need to have it work FOR us and not AGAINST us. Sometimes it’s an excellent thing to have because it’s purpose is to keep us safe. It’s your ego that makes you whip your hand away from the pot handle because it knows it’s too hot, it’s your ego that creates the fight or flight when you’re in danger, so if we did without it, it may cause us some trouble!  Balance.  Life is all about balance, so let’s balance yours so you can create your life.

If you are a healer, it will help you lose the fear of being responsible for healing someone else, knowing that they are doing the healing with God/creator, and that you are just facilitating and witnessing this energy move from the body.

Since I ran this energy, I can now think for myself and have stopped relying on others to tell me what to do, it’s so wonderful being able to think for myself and make my own decisions without worrying about the outcome. And looking back, it’s strange to me now, that I just couldn’t do anything without someone telling me what I should do. It’s just not there anymore, and it’s a wonderful feeling.

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