20 – Anger & Resentment Towards God


Release anger, resentment and hatred towards God and everyone and break the cycle of having to attract instances that recreate these emotions.



This energy is incredibly important. Unknowingly, we store up anger and resentment towards God, Life, the world and absolutely everything. Every time something bad happens these emotions keep growing which makes you create more and more situations to create anger and resentment and reinforce that belief. It’s a huge cycle until we stop it, and that’s what this energy does over the coming days and weeks, breaks the cycle so you can start living without anger and resentment towards God and everything else. It clears these emotions from the deepest level of your SELF, from your DNA/cells and from past lives too, whilst removing it from the collective subconscious mind of humanity. We may not even know that we have this belief, but this is a HUGE collective conscious belief and the energy will clear it from there too.

I’ve really seen a difference since running this energy – I no longer experience anger and resentment now, and can handle issues without getting all riled up and angry. I’ve shifted greatly because of this one, and I continue to run it roughly every month or so. Listen as often as you wish, it can’t do you any harm and it can’t be done wrong.

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