21 – Soulmate


Align with your own soul to attract those best suited to help you on your journey, romantic and otherwise. Open up your heart to receiving them without any fear of the future, judgment and expectations, and trauma. Clears religious and genetic beliefs around soulmates.



A soulmate is someone who is aligned with your soul and brings challenges for you to overcome, and help you to acknowledge certain things about you to awaken, and to increase your vibration and expand your consciousness to help you evolve and grow spiritually. So a soulmate doesn’t just mean a romantic partner, you can have a best friend as a soulmate or even a colleague. They come to you during this lifetime to help you learn and move forward in your life, even if it’s to be with you through a harsh lesson, or maybe even be the cause of one.

And soulmates always show up at the right time in our journey, to help us with the lesson that we are to experience at that moment in time, and you will usually feel a strong connection with them.  We also attract soulmates to help with THEIR journey.

This energy aligns you with your own soul, helping you to discover who you truly are and to trust your heart, opening you up to receive the right soulmates without any fear of the future with them. It will clear the belief systems around judgments and expectations, trauma and betrayal with any of your soul mates. It also clears the religious and genetics beliefs around soulmate relationships. Like I said, we can have many soul mates, and this will allow you to attract those that will be most supportive and nurturing to help you get through your life’s lessons, and help you create a more joyous future.

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