22 – Polar Opposite


Discreate negative pathways and open new positive pathways of unconditional love, allowing you create without self-sabotaging thoughts that block you.



This energy is absolutely incredible. Sometimes our old negative pathways in our subconscious mind are very deep rooted and continually running, which means they are major blocks in our lives, preventing us from receiving and creating the life that we really desire.  If only we could sever these constantly running thoughts and belief pathways so they don’t get in our way, and with this energy, that’s exactly what happens.

By focusing on the negative issue we wish to remove, and running this energy, these negative pathways are dis-created – closed down, and it creates a new, positive pathway.  Whilst this energy is being run, just think about all the negative issues in your life, and all the recurring thoughts that keep coming up, that you want gone and work will be started on removing them right away – It can be used for any issue, and the energy will continue to work over the next few days, weeks and even months depending on how deep rooted these thoughts and beliefs are.

This allows new pathways of unconditional love to replace the negative pathways in the brain by focusing on the programs that are constantly running subconsciously.  These stop you from achieving clarity and calmness as well as money and other good things that you desire.  Running this energy will help you to create the life you want without those blocks.

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