24 – Collective Church


Align with the truth about ALL churches. Remove oaths, vows, contracts that are HUGE blocks.  Clears religious blocks from past lives which help you communicate with God/Creator directly.



This energy aligns you with the truth about all churches of the world.  It will remove any oaths, vows or contracts put in place from any past lives, and even though we may have no knowledge of making any of these, there’s a high likelihood that we did, and these, unfortunately, are HUGE blocks to us in this lifetime.

It also frees you from the ancestral need to suffer for God, this is also a huge belief that, over time, we have been taught to believe, that we need to put God and everyone else before ourselves, or God would frown upon us and that would be considered a sin.  We know now this is not the truth and this energy will help you understand that.

It will also clear any trauma associated with any past lives and monks or nuns or any position within the church, and clears the negative programing where you believe it is forbidden to connect directly with God, and you will understand that you CAN communicate directly as we are ALL energy, so if God is energy, isn’t God part of you and you part of God?  We can all communicate directly; we ust need to discreate the belief that we can’t.  This energy will enhance that connection over time.

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