26 Foundation Activations


26 Foundation Activations.  See below for description.




Foundation Activations – essential to allow future energy and belief work to be integrated and held by the body.

1 – Metatron. Navigate through Earths changes easily and accelerate your DNA to a higher level. Activates up to 18 strands of DNA.
2 – Avebury. Increase your healing and psychic abilities and communication with your higher self, guides and Creator.
3 – Tree of Life. Recharges your cells and experience increased focus.
4 – Flower of Life. Elevates your vibration of love and plugs you into the 5th dimensional vibration. Heals your heart, fills you with gratitude and releases self-judgment.
5 – Super DNA. Activates 4 more codons in your DNA which increases immune efficiency and boosts your immune system.
6 – Mother Earth. Connects you with all the elements of our planet and everything on it, and boost connection to your higher self.
7 – Mother Mary. Clears anger and judgment towards anyone and anything, and increases tolerance levels.
8 – Family Constellations. Clear anger, guilt, judgment and hatred towards your family; give and receive familial love.
9 – Original Light Language. Releases trauma of others drama, disconnect from the outcome, remove others ‘stuff’ and stay in your power.
10 – Inner Child Reconnection. Reclaim soul fragments from other lifetimes, release pain/shock/trauma behind the reason for leaving them, helps you step up and live life more fully.
11 – Fruit of Life. Unblock and activate 13 chakras, nourish the soul, helps with grounding and connecting to your higher self, all negative beliefs removed from these chakras.
12 – Universal Life Grid. Shield yourself from radiation and other contaminants that shut down the pineal gland, protects from negative energies emanating from others; excellent for sensitive, empathic people or healers.
13 – Heaven on Earth. Releases oaths, vows, commitments made with ancestors to carry their pain, clears blocks of fear/sabotage/distraction.
14 – Alchemy of the 3rd Dimension. Unplug from 3rd dimensional beliefs of fear, lack and suffering, and plug into the 5th vibration of unconditional love and abundance. Helps you stand in your power and speak your truth.
15 – Planetary Alignment. Aligns you with the transformative energies of the planets, and releases blockages that prevent smooth transitions. It will help you to shift with that flow of planetary energies and minimize any upheaval associated with astrological changes. You will be able to manifest more potently  and release negative energy more easily.
16 – Bleeding Heart. Detach from the suffering of others without feeling responsible, to help you support, love and heal the suffering in the world.
17 – Are You A Martyr? This energy will release the belief that other people are more important than you, and help you achieve balance in taking care of yourself and others, allowing you to hold healthy boundaries and be able to say ‘no.’
18 – Addictions Redirection. Restores the instinct and energy to self-nurture. It also targets the emotions that cause suffering and helps to heal our perception of experiences that caused those emotions. This will help you release anything you may be using as a substitute for love and nurturing.
19 – Spiritual Ego Release. Balance your ego to work FOR you, not against you.  Be able to function without worrying about the outcome.
20 – Anger & Resentment Towards God. Release anger, resentment and hatred towards God and everyone and break the cycle of having to attract instances that recreate these emotions.
21 – Soulmate. Align with your own soul to attract those best suited to help you on your journey, romantic and otherwise. Open up your heart to receiving them without any fear of the future, judgment and expectations, and trauma. Clears religious and genetic beliefs around soulmates.
22 – Polar Opposite. Discreate negative pathways and open new positive pathways of unconditional love, allowing you create without self-sabotaging thoughts that block you.
23 – Sacred Blueprint. This activation will help align you with your true self and your purpose in life, giving you the courage and knowledge of how to follow it without delay and/or fear.  It will give you the knowing of what you are here to do.
24 – Collective Church. Align with the truth about ALL churches. Remove oaths, vows, contracts that are HUGE blocks.  Clears religious blocks from past lives which help you communicate with God/Creator directly.
25 – Seed of Life. Disconnect from 3rd and connect to 5th dimensional beliefs to greatly assist your manifesting potency.  Shifts you to the positive belief that you CAN create your desires.
26 – Sacred Power. Clears your fears of being in your true and sovereign power, helps you step up and show the true you, the authentic you, without worrying about what other people think or wondering if you’re meeting everyone elses’ expectations.

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