6 Month Transformation Coaching


12, one-hour sessions to help you transform and transcend low-density vibrations. See full description below.



If you are stuck and can’t move forward, and want to change that, and are WILLING to change your life for the better, then these bundles are for you!

During these powerful and confidential sessions, I will help you to understand the power of the subconscious mind, and how you create your life, and help you change it!

We will address and take a deep dive into the following four areas of existence; health, wealth, relationships and happiness.  I help you to rewire your mindset, realign with higher vibrations to help you get closer to your life goals, by removing limiting subconscious blocks and programing that surface in every session.  See shifts that include less stress, more energy, less fear and overwhelm, and take back control of your life!

Stop creating a life you DON’T want, and let me help you start creating a life full of great health, better wealth, healthy relationships and much happiness!

I also offer a 12-month and 3-month Program.


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