8 – 13 Foundation Activations


Six foundational activations; 8 through 13.  See below for full description.





8 – Family Constellations. Clear anger, guilt, judgment and hatred towards your family; give and receive familial love.
9 – Original Light Language. Releases trauma of others drama, disconnect from the outcome, remove others ‘stuff’ and stay in your power.
10 – Inner Child Reconnection. Reclaim soul fragments from other lifetimes, release pain/shock/trauma behind the reason for leaving them, helps you step up and live life more fully.
11 – Fruit of Life. Unblock and activate 13 chakras, nourish the soul, helps with grounding and connecting to your higher self, all negative beliefs removed from these chakras.
12 – Universal Life Grid. – Shield yourself from radiation and other contaminants that shut down the pineal gland, protects from negative energies emanating from others; excellent for sensitive, empathic people or healers.
13 – Heaven on Earth. Releases oaths, vows, commitments made with ancestors to carry their pain, clears blocks of fear/sabotage/distraction.

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