Akashic Records Reading & Healing


One reading in the Akashic Records.  Gain clarity, insight and get guidance from guides, and learn beliefs and trauma that are holding you back in this life.  Beliefs, trauma and karmic events are released in this session.


The Akashic records hold energetic evidence of all events that have taken place over all of your lifetimes and dimensions. I see this as an endless library, and some of the books inside represent your past life experiences. On accessing these records, it can help you gain clarity and understanding why you may be experiencing negative situations in this incarnation. It is very common to find ongoing karma, many oaths or vows that you have made to suffer, or traumatic events that have led to you bringing forward pain and suffering to this life.

You will be guided to ground, to help me to hold your space during the time of the reading. Your guides will be called in to assist in finding the correct records to access. Usually, multiple guides arrive with information, insight, messages and gifts, all of which aid me to identify the issues you are currently experiencing. Just being aware of these can allow you to feel lighter, happier, with more balance in life, be more grounded and focused, and live free from the negative cycles you can’t seem to shake. Karmic programing and negative beliefs that have been brought forward can be cleared during this session with your permission so you can move on with your life with a greater sense of purpose.




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