Boost Your Immune System (Subliminal)


Clear fear and beliefs around sickness and dis-ease – 22 healing activations/deactivations and 85+ positive affirmations in this powerful subliminal healing session.


Every day we live through life battling things that deplete our immune system. We have colds, the flu, and other viruses and bacteria that attack us on a daily basis, and we are able to shrug off if we are healthy and balanced. We are bombarded with air pollutants, artificial chemicals in our water supply, GMO’s and chemical pesticides in the growing of our food, weed killers that are proving to be causing cancer after several years of use, chemicals in our toothpaste and personal products – they are everywhere. The combined effect of these, can have a detrimental impact on our immune system, making us more susceptible to contracting viruses or bacterial infections that a healthy immune system would just throw off. Stressful situations also have a negative impact on our immune system; when you feel overwhelmed your immunity is impacted, so it’s essential to remain balanced as much as possible. Would you like to clear all the negative subconscious beliefs and programing that keep us locked into a life of struggle?  If so, this healing session could really help you shed the burden of fear of disease, and get back to loving your life.  There are 22 healing energies and 85+ positive affirmations in this session:

3 Preparatory Activations
Super DNA
Disconnect from Disease Consciousness
Activate Your Collagen and Stem Cells
Lymph & Blood Systems
Sickness Serves Me
Total Body Connection
Viruses & Bacteria
Cellular Cleansing
Release Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Pain Be Gone
Sinner to Saint
High Blood Pressure
Immune System Upgrade
Disconnect from Anger, Resentment, Guilt and Fear
Breathe Peace
Cell Snap
Integration with Grace and Ease

And 85+ positive affirmations. This is the Subliminal file; a voice recording is also available.

1 x 60 minute MP3 file
Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be given


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