4 – Flower of Life


Elevates your vibration to match that of unconditional love, be filled with gratitude and release self-judgment. Also known as the Christ Consciousness Activation.




Also referred to as The Christ Consciousness Activation.  This is the 4th out of 7 foundational activations that prepare your body to accept and integrate upgrades in energy and expand your awareness and consciousness to a higher level that we need to grow, and help us move from the 3rd dimension of fear and suffering, into the 5th dimensional vibration of love and abundance.

Elevates your vibration to match that of unconditional love, and when we raise our vibration to the love vibration, that’s what we will start to attract. And I’m not just talking about romantic love, I’m talking about love for life, for others, and most importantly for yourself. All changes take place within you, so loving yourself is incredibly important to allow healing to start. We are currently in the third dimensional vibration of fear, lack and suffering, and this energy will help your vibration to increase to that of the fifth dimension which is of unconditional love and abundance. It helps to empower you to step up and create the miracles in your life that you want as you are the only one that can do that – you create your life, so you are the only one that can control it. The energy will also heal your heart, fill you with gratitude for life, and will start releasing you from self-judgement. And you know, we do this all the time without even realizing it, criticizing ourselves and saying negative things without even understanding how the power of our words can affect us physically and emotionally. It’s crazy how detrimental negative thoughts and words about ourselves can affect our well being on all levels, and we need to start considering this and treating ourselves better. Be kind, always be kind and positive, and there’s no better place to start than with ourselves.




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