Healers and Money


Clear fear and beliefs around making money and building your business – 16 healing activations/deactivations in this powerful healing session.



Would you like to grow your business and increase your clients and income?  Even if you don’t have a business, would you like to create more income?  Have you ever thought you may have subconscious beliefs and programing that block you from achieving and receiving?

In this healing session, we clear the negative subconscious beliefs and programing that keep us in fear, and therefore unable to attract clients and/or income for ourselves and/or our business.

Here are the 16 healing energies run in this session (over $200 value):

3 Preparatory Activations
Disciples Return
Fear of Being Killed As a Healer
Healers and Money
Collective Church
Fear of Failure
Fear of Change
Fear of Success
Success Realignment
Fear of Growing too Fast
Fear of Seeing the Truth
Fear of Shining
Integration with Grace and Ease

1 x 41 minute MP3 file
Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be given



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