Healing the Healers


Are you a healer, or do you come into contact with many people every day? Who helps you to heal? We are healers of ourselves, not just of others. Start to take care of YOU.


Join me for a healing session via Zoom, to receive healing energies to remove the need to take on others emotions and beliefs, using many activations and deactivations to clear negative beliefs and programs, and add positive belief systems to your subconscious mind. Can’t join live? No problem. Sign-up and you will still receive the replay to watch whenever you wish.

We will clear ancestral patterns and beliefs that we need to take on the stress of others to help them heal, deal with anger and resentment, help you to understand how self-love is so important and plays a huge part in how you heal others.  We will reclaim any parts of your soul that have been left behind, balance the ego to help you understand the importance of living in the ‘now,’ and alongside a guided meditation, you will have your seven major chakras rebalanced and cleared of blockages so your energy will flow more effectively, and learn how to create a shield of protection around you to repel the negativity of others. This is only some of what we will be clearing.

Live class is scheduled for Saturday April 18th at 10am, replays will be emailed to you 24-48 hours after the live event.




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