Lack and Limitations


If you are living in the ‘not enough’ vibration, you will be unable to receive any abundance, whether it’s money, love, relationships etc. Clear those negative belief systems of lack and the limits that you have unknowingly set yourself with this activation.


If we think we are ‘not enough’ then things have a hard time coming to us, because we attract what we send out in vibes or vibrations. Our beliefs are vibrations so if you send out not enough vibrations that’s what is sent to you – not enough! We also limit ourselves from receiving abundance – we think we are only worthy of receiving things to a certain level – like our salary – we have a figure in mind that we want to earn – why don’t we put that way up! It’s only because of our limitations and belief that we aren’t worthy of receiving that much that keeps it from us. Let’s stop setting ceilings on everything and just see what comes to us. Enjoy listening to this any time you like.


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