Lost Your Mojo (Voice)


Get back your lust for life – 18 healing activations/deactivations in this healing session.


Is your day full of happiness and joy?  Does everything go your way?  Do you wake up and just wish you could go back to bed?  Is your focus anywhere other than where it's supposed to be?  Do you find yourself drinking more, or doing other addictive things like playing video games and being on social media all the time?  Are you trying to escape from your life every single day?  Are you feeling angry or resentful for what's happening to you in the world?  Does your daily life contain drama and other issues that cause it to be overwhelming?

Would you like to clear all the negative subconscious beliefs and programing that keep us locked into a life of struggle?  If so, this healing session could really help you shed the burden of fear and lack and suffering, and get back to loving your life.  Here are some of the 18 healing energies run in this session:

Prison Planet
Victim Victimizer
Disconnect from Suicidal Thoughts
Living in the Matrix
The Sky Is Falling
I am Worthy
Fear of the Future
Addictions Redirection Fear, Drama and Alcohol/Drugs
Self Love

This is the voice file; a subliminal recording is also available.

1 x 58 minute MP3 file
Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be given



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