5 – Super DNA


Expand and improve your DNA to match the new and evolved incoming energy. Activate four more codons in your DNA to boost your immune system.




This is the 5th out of 7 foundational activations that prepare your body to accept and integrate upgrades in energy and expand your awareness and consciousness to a higher level that we need to grow, and help us move from the 3rd dimension of fear and suffering, into the 5th dimensional vibration of love and abundance.

The energy in this activation expands and improves your DNA so it matches the new and evolved energy that is bombarding the planet right now. The energy you will receive, activates four more codons in your DNA which are effectively nucleotides that make protein for your body, so several functions will be more efficient like producing digestive enzymes, making collagen, transporting oxygen through your blood, making clotting proteins for your blood, and also increasing antibodies in your immune system

I first received this energy in 2017 – I have not had any sickness at all since then, no virus, no flu, not even a sniffle.




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