Transcend & Succeed LIVE, PLUS Embarkation, Money/Prosperity

$252.00 / month for 3 months

LIVE Access to the 12-week Transcend & Succeed Series.  Replays are available so live attendance is not required.


12-week LIVE series – all replays are yours for good.  If you are stressed, sacrificing your own needs, in the emergency services/healthcare field, or live/work with those stressed, traumatized, fearful or emotional, if you are having financial issues, health issues, experienced abuse and/or addictions, these sessions are a must.

  1. Foundational Changes – Addressing and dissolving general, yet powerful blocks like anger and unworthiness.
  2. Physical Health – Upgrades to our physiology to sustain continued expansion and higher vibrations, and also addressing our truths about why we get sick.
  3. Trauma and Abuse – Dissolving the emotional effects of all trauma/abuse you have experienced.
  4. Loving Yourself – All change comes from within and is impacted by the relationship you have with yourself. We will address self-love, self-respect, forgiveness, and more.
  5. Deep Dive – Clearing deeper blocks like shame, guilt and addressing very established belief systems.
  6. Self-Sabotage – Dissolving many reasons we sabotage and hate ourselves.
  7. Clean Slate – Clearing the body of toxins.
  8. Fears – Clearing the fears we have that stop us from achieving and receiving.
  9. Lust for Life – Disconnecting from the things that negatively impact a happy life.
  10. Addictions – Dissolving the need to escape, whatever that may be for you.
  11. Relationships and Family – Removing issues causing familial or other relationship problems.
  12. Boundaries – Taking back control, standing up for yourself and regain your sovereignty.

And much more.

This bundle provides you with access to Embarkation transformational course, access to the Money & Prosperity program, plus a free copy of Achieve Wellness book.


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