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Do You Believe You are Worthy of Receiving?

We all want different things in our life, and it is our divine right to receive them, however, if our vibration doesn’t match that of the experience we wish to attract, we certainly won’t receive it.

As you know, positively thinking, speaking and taking action to attract the things that you want certainly helps, to be of the mindset that you already have it is key, but did you know that if you hold a negative belief around receiving anything in your subconscious mind, you stand virtually no chance of getting anything you desire.

There are many beliefs that block you from receiving; and we address a ton of those in this healing session, to help you shift over time to a more positive and happy life, and the ability to manifest your wishes with less blocks to stop you.

Our lives are just a hologram, a video game, and your life, YOUR video game alone, is no-one else’s, so this makes the only person that can make changes to your video game, is YOURSELF! Because you create your life, you can make changes just like any video game; if a tool in your game isn’t serving you, you pause the game, swap the tools that aren’t working for you, and restart the game. You just need to understand you have the power and be open to doing so with your life – it’s that simple! It’s like living in the Matrix; download the program that you want that will serve you in attracting the things or the experiences that you want to grow and expand your life.

In this session, the energy will remove hundreds of negative beliefs systems and programing from your subconscious mind, removing them from your DNA/genetics, all your lives, and from the collective conscious and subconscious minds of humanity. By removing them from yourself, we help reduce the power of those negative beliefs over all levels and time, so we are truly helping humanity heal just by starting with ourselves. If you want to see a change in the world, start with yourself.

The belief of being unworthy is a MASSIVE collective subconscious belief, and even if you hold the belief that you ARE worthy, collectively, the belief of unworthiness wins because there are more people with the negative belief than there are with the positive.  It sucks.

Do you believe you are selfish, have you been taught to always put other people first, and feel others needs are greater than your own?  These beliefs can also block you from receiving, because if you don’t have time to take care of yourself, you’re also too busy to receive.

The vibration of ‘not enough’ is also a massive collective program.  Just look at the world we have created for ourselves right now; doesn’t it just confirm the mindset that we always have lack and struggle in our lives, because lack, limitations and struggle are very prevalent every day.   Did you know that the limitations we create and experience each day, are those that we set ourselves?  These are also non-serving beliefs, so they will be cleared also.

Family issues; anger, resentment, judgment, guilt and hatred to name a few, will also block abundance, so will self-judgment and that fears that make you judge yourself.

Fears of having money or abundance, being in debt and the worries that brings will also hinder you, along with genetic, cultural, religious beliefs around having to work for free, that your money should be given to the church, or that you’re a sinner if you don’t work for free.

If you feel you aren’t respected or trusted, it’s because you don’t respect or trust yourself.  These, along with loyalty beliefs, will be removed too, so you can start to respect and trust yourself once again, and receive the respect you deserve.

Beliefs around lack of forgiveness and lack of love for yourself also need to be removed, along with clearing the need to punish yourself for things you have done in the past.

All these energies will be run through your blueprint, will clear old belief patterns and start to shift you out of the lower vibrations of fear, lack and suffering, and align you with the higher vibrations of receiving, success, unconditional love, abundance, peace, joy and happiness, so you can start to create what your heart truly desires.

I Love You.

Are You Worthy of Receiving - Voice

Remove negative belief systems and subconscious programing that prevent you from receiving anything your heart desires.

This is the voice healing file – a subliminal healing file is also available.

1 MP3 file, 54 minutes, 18 Activations/Deactivations

Are You Worthy of Receiving - Subliminal

Remove negative belief systems and subconscious programing that prevent you from receiving anything your heart desires.

This is the subliminal healing file – a voice healing file is also available.

1 MP3 file, 60 minutes, 22 Activations/Deactivations, plus 90+ positive affirmations

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