Our mission is very simple.

“We want to empower you and help you connect the mind and body to elevate your energy level, increase your confidence and presence, and boost the power of your magnetic vibration to create the life you desire!”

Scheduled for April 20th and 21st, 2023.


Are you?

  • An entrepreneur or have a really BUSY job or home life?
  • Feeling OVERWHELMED every day, and EXHAUSTED with too much to do and too little time to do it?
  • Experiencing STRESS, like you’re on the HAMSTER WHEEL going nowhere?
  • Losing confidence, presence, and need to RECHARGE and REENERGIZE?
  • Too tired to do anything for YOURSELF?
  • Needing to implement CHANGES for the good of your HEALTH, SANITY, and WELLBEING?
  • Experiencing BRAIN FOG, lack of FOCUS and CONCENTRATION?
  • STUCK IN A RUT and need help getting out?
  • Feeling disconnected, like people just don’t GET YOU?

Would you:

  • Like to learn techniques on how to elevate your confidence and show up letting your TRUE BRILLIANCE shine through?
  • Be open to explore ways to achieve HIGHER ENERGY and gain a STRONGER IMMUNE SYSTEM?
  • Prefer to RELAX at the end of your day, manage your TIME better and live STRESS-FREE?
  • Like to TRANSFORM your life, acknowledge and change your LIMITING BELIEFS that stop you from achieving SUCCESS?
  • Prefer to be ALERT, FOCUSED on your tasks, and see forward movement in every aspect of your life?
  • Like to learn how to become PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY STRONGER?
  • Be open to finding your CREATIVITY by tapping into your POTENT INNER POWER?
  • Like to surround yourself with LIKE-MINDED women?


Check out our

beautiful location!

The Hideaway, Colorado Springs


  • On Thursday and Friday, April 20/21, 2023
  • Beautiful accommodation included
  • Healthy meals, snacks and beverages included
  • Education, meditation, healing and time in nature
  • Hints, tips and techniques
  • Healthy food and relaxation
  • Visualization techniques to create the life you desire
  • LOTS of incredible FUN and ENRICHING activities!!!
  • and MANY valuable BONUSES!!

Incredible VALUE!


The Health, Wealth & Success Attraction Retreat is valued at $8,000 including bonuses!


Are you Ready for Positive Change?

You are the creator of your life and success.

Let us help you find your confidence, maximize your abundance and take control over your health and success!

Make the choice to invest in yourself – you are SO worth it!

Sign-up Today!



You have NOTHING to lose and MUCH to gain!

You ARE worth it, and you DESERVE to live the life you desire.

Are you ready to put YOURSELF FIRST?

To your Success!

Dawn and Vanessa

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