Voyage of Transcendence

with Dawn Livingstone


At the dawn of birth, we began our great voyage into the unknown. Our physical bodies entered the universe and started to grow and change as time marched on. Many of us are so accustomed to the materialistic and physical realm, we fail to recognize and care for our three other bodies – the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. 

“Our body is the vessel for our great journey; our soul is the passenger.”

Our bodies are the sacred containers to our breath, mind, soul, and intuition. To understand that all four bodies work in unison is to know the deepest truth – that we are already whole and complete. We begin to realize the importance of caring for not only our physical body, but our emotions, headspace, and spirit.

We understand the delicacy of a “balanced” state of being. Life moves fast. Our jobs, families, and other obligations usually make their way to the forefront and leave our emotions and spirits on the backburner. That’s why we must step away from the rat race and go within to sit with our inner beings. We need to remember that everything is inside of us, and not on the outside.  When we are only focused on the physical and mental side of things (doing, accomplishing, etc), life becomes very black and white; it feels mundane, lacking color and expression. On the other hand, when we are engulfed by our spiritual and emotional side, we drift away from our outside reality and become ungrounded. The ultimate goal is to remember the importance of all bodies and not label one as “more essential” than the other, because any imbalances in any of our bodies manifest physically to get our attention.

The Physical Body

This is probably the one you are most familiar with. It is our skin, our organs, our skeleton, our muscles, etc. It represents our tangible experience in this world – something we can touch, that is ‘real.’  This is our vessel. We directly take care of it with diet, nutrition, and exercise. When the physical body is out of balance, we focus too much on beauty, physical strength, and anti-aging, or we simply may not care for it at all.

The Mental Body

Our mental body holds our thoughts, judgments, paradigms and programming. It represents our perception of how life should be, intellect, innovation, learning, communication, and more.  We can take care of our mental body by utilizing talk therapy, using daily affirmations, meditating, stimulating our minds, thinking for ourselves and being in touch with our three other bodies. When the mental body is imbalanced we may lack empathy and become ego-centric, or we may have low self-esteem, lack purpose, and limit ourselves. 

The Emotional Body

This is the bridge between our physical body and mental body. It represents our feelings from our interpretation of the world and what is going on in our lives. It’s our empathy, intuition, honesty, and self-regulation. We care for it by getting enough sleep, being vulnerable, speaking our truth, and setting boundaries. When the emotional body is imbalanced, we are reactive, irrational, depressed, anxious, envious, etc. We bring it to balance by releasing emotions, dancing, meditation, and doing things we enjoy. 

The Spiritual Body

Our spiritual body is our connection to all things, including the universe and ‘All that is’. It provides ancient wisdom, guidance,  protection, and union. It represents the unity of all things and the divine. And, as many are unaware, it has little to do with religion. We care for our spiritual body by practicing meditation and breathwork, expressing gratitude, and giving to others. When our spiritual body is over-balanced, our heads are in the clouds and we may have difficulty focusing and concentrating on life in the here and now as there is a lack of connection between ourselves and others. When it is under-balanced, we feel an extreme disconnect, and can develop a ‘victim’ mentality.

The Takeaway

We are more than our physical selves. Our body is simply the vessel for our soul’s journey. When we care for this vessel by nurturing our emotional, spiritual, and mental states, it makes the ride a lot easier and much, much more enjoyable.

It’s very important to remember that we are not physical entities having a spiritual experience, but that we are spiritual beings undertaking a physical experience to enhance our spiritual growth and expansion.  Whatever life we are living right now is what we signed up to experience; to learn, to grow, to expand, and to transcend.

I Love You.

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