New Earth Healing

with Dawn Livingstone


What is 'Subliminal Healing?'

The Dictionary explanation for ‘subliminal’ is

existing or operating below the threshold of consciousness; being or employing stimuli insufficiently intense to produce a discrete sensation

but often being or designed to be intense enough to influence the mental processes or the behavior of the individual.

In other words, it means operating at a frequency level that only the subconscious mind can ‘hear’, understand and process.

It’s outside our conscious audible range so you can’t hear it when you’re awake, but when you are ready to go to sleep, or have just awakened? Whoa!


How Will This Benefit Me?

You can find many subliminal files that contain positive affirmations, however, even though it’s great putting positive affirmations straight into the subconscious mind subliminally, here is my point.  Your thoughts, words and actions can be 100% positive and sent out to the universe in the ‘NOW’ tense, but if you have a subconscious belief that says you don’t deerve it, or you beliee you’re not good enough to receive it, YOU WON’T RECEIVE IT.  We aren’t aware what negative belies our subconscious mind holds, and they are completely different from what you may beliee consciously.  You can consciously beliee you are worthy of abundance, but if there’s a subconscious belief that you’re NOT worthy of abundance (or anything; health, happiness, that new job, that lovely shiny car etc), then it just gets in the way and blocks your abundance.  All the affirmations in the world won’t work unless the beliefs are removed which then allows the affirmations to be processed by the subconscious mind.

That is why these subliminal healings can help you enormously!


How Does It Work?

My energy healings are infused into the audio files, so consciously you don’t hear anything at all, but on a subconscious level the negative beliefs and programing are energetically removed.

For each category of healing you will receive an MP3 file containing the subliminal healings which you can listen to before bed or immediately upon awakening (or both).  It is recommended that you listen to the file, then allow 7 days for the beliefs and programing to be processed and released, before listening to it again.  Belief systems are linked to feelings and emotions, and when they are removed from the subonscious mind those feelings and emotions need to be released too, and sometimes when they are leaving your body they can rise to the surface for clearing, so you may experience those again briefly until they have been fully removed.  You may NOT experience anything, but for those that do, know that it’s only temporary, and you will feel much lighter and happier once it passes.

Out with the old, in with the new!


When Is This Healing Most Effective?

20 minutes before going to sleep, during your sleep, and 20 minutes after you awaken, you continue to be in the theta brainwave state (between 4 and 8Hz), which means the subconscious mind is alert and taking in everything like a sponge.  It’s very important to be aware of what you are watching or listening to during thee times, especially if it’s a TV news channel or a violent movie of any kind, where negativity and fear are plentiful – your mind absorbs all this fear, NOT what you want for a restful sleep!  Whilst winding down for the night or gently coming around in the mornings, isn’t that such a good time for the removal of negative belief systems and non-serving programs and for positive belief systems and affirmations to go right in?  You bet it is!

You can also listen to these files during sleep.


Subliminal Healings

Stress and Anxiety - Available!

Would you like to live a stress-free life?

Unplug the beliefs that make you create stress in your life and learn to live in joy and happiness.  Over 35 healing activations/deactivations, and over 200 positive affirmations in the series.  Click below to learn more or purchase.

Session 1 
Session 2 
Session 3 
All 3 Sessions (discounted)


Have You Lost Your Mojo? - Available!

Would you like to clear all the negative subconscious beliefs and programing that keep us locked into a life of struggle? 

If so, this healing session could really help you shed the burden of fear and lack and suffering, and get back to loving your life. 

You will receive 22 healing energies that clear hundreds of belief systems, along with 100 positive affirmations in this wonderfully relaxing session.

Have You Lost Your Mojo (Subliminal) – 60 minute MP3 file.

Boost Your Immune System - Available!

Would you like to clear all the negative subconscious beliefs and programing that keep you sick or in fear of being sick, and give your immune system a big boost?  Available in a voice file, or a subliminal recording that you can listen to at bedtime or whenever is convenient.

Boost Your Immune System – Subliminal MP3 File – 60 mins. 
22 healing activations/deactivations and 85+ positive affirmations.

View the Voice File Information here.

Are You Worthy of Receiving? - Available!

Does nothing good come your way?  If you don’t believe you’re worthy of receiving good things then they won’t!

Fix it by ‘zapping’ the subconscious blocks that prevent you from getting what you want.

1 x MP3 file – 60 minutes – (22 Healing Activations/Deactivations and 90+ Positive Affirmations)

Loving Yourself

The seat of all healing. 

Learn to love yourself unconditionally.


Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Clearing beliefs that keep you sick, overweight, depressed (and more) allowing you to take back your health and your life.



Build and maintain great relationships with your partner, family, co-workers and all that you come into contact with.



Remove programing and beliefs that keep you sppressed, low, depressed and not in your power.

Learn to love life again.


Age Reversal

Learn that ageing is only an illusion, and remove beliefs and programing associated with ageing.  

Live a youthful life again!


Weight Loss

Want to lose weight but just can’t seem to shift it?  Help is at hand! 

Release the need for emotional eating and many other beliefs that pack on the pounds!



Help is on hand with addictions to alcohol, drugs, drama, food, gambling, illness, even hoarding, OCD and more!


Take Back Your Power

Can you say no?  Do you always cave under pressure?  Are you a pushover?  Do you want to stand up for yourself?

Take back your own power and step up and live your live free of others expectations.


Money and Abundance

Need more money but just can’t seem to create it? 

Let’s knock down the blocks that prevent you from receiving money and abundance.


Abuse and Trauma

Have you been abused in any way, at any time?  Has something really frightening happened that has shocked you?

Unplug from the need to be abused and clear residual pain, shock and traumaas a result of those experiences.


Enhance Your Intuition

Remove blocks, and increse your connection to your higher self, for clarity and guidance.


Achieving Success

Do you believe you are worthy of achieving success?  

Remove limiting, preventative and non-serving belief systems and programs, that are your blocks to achieving the life you desire.


Gut Rejuvenation

Issues with your gut and digestive tract? 

Release the beliefs and emotions that are causing you issues.


Do You Love Your Job?

Are your co-workers bing a pain?   Do you always get passed over for promotion?

Release blocks that are keeping you stuck and unable to enjoy your job.



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