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Fear and Panic – Coronavirus

I have talked a few times before about how those that wish to keep us controlled use fear as a tactic.  It’s a very effective method, because if we see or hear about anything that is potentially a danger to us, we buy into that fear and the belief goes right into our subconscious mind and it starts to run our lives.  The method of using fear to control us is only successful if we allow it to be.

We have a choice.  We can either accept it and live in fear every day, which brings us more things to live in fear of, or we can take control of our lives, be aware of what is really happening and choose to let it go and not believe it.

For most of us though, that fear is already implanted and has taken root, DEEP root.   It’s running rife in our subconscious right now, permanently looping again and again, and will never stop running our lives until we make the conscious decision to end it.

With this Coronavirus, here we are again.  Ask yourself why such a big deal is being made of this when 80,000 people die in the USA alone from influenza each year, when approximately 75,000 people die from road traffic accidents in the USA alone?  Nothing huge is reported from those deaths, however, at the time of writing, less than 150  people have died from this virus in the U.S. and the corporate media has gone mad.  This is propaganda; subconscious programing to keep you hooked into fear, but you have a choice whether to fall for it or not.

Take back your life, take back your wellbeing, and take back your power.  Be aware this is all by design to hook you in to the addictive cycle of fear, to make you think that the only ones that can save you are big pharma and government.  Start thinking for yourself and making your own, positive choices.

Join me for a FREE webinar on Monday March 23rd 2020 at 10am PDT (9am PT, noon ET, 4pm GMT) for some healing energies to unplug you from the negative, fear-based beliefs we are currently living with, and being affected by.  If you can’t make it live, then no worries, but if you register you will receive the replay link so you can watch whenever you can.

This is some of what we will address:

Fear of contracting the virus and possibly dying because of it, frustration around not knowing what’s happening, anger and resentment, who is to blame and your feelings around that, fear of the end of the world, fears of going hungry because the food has run out, the ‘not-enough’ vibration, panic caused by others reaction, feeling overwhelmed from the whole situation, fear of attracting the virus (and other dis-eases), fear of wars, I am so scared, feelings of being unsafe, unprotected and vulnerable.

Please share, so I can help remove these non-serving vibrations from your life, and help you to discover that we don’t have to live in fear just because we are told to.

I Love You.

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