New Earth Healing

with Dawn Livingstone


On this page you will find webinars and live healing sessions that have already happened, and those that are scheduled to take place.  There are several that are FREE to you, so you are most welcome to register for one or all of them.  The others are via replay if the live event has passed, however, this does not mean that the healing does not work.  You are still able to purchase and watch the replays.

You are encouraged to register for the live events prior to the live date, as there is usually a 50% early bird price until then.  Even if you can’t attend live, feel free to register because you will still receive the replays.  If you would like to see a live event on a specific subject, please contact me here and let me know!


Healing the Healers

Healers don’t need to be healed, right?  Wrong.

If you come into contact with people every day, whether it be face to face or over the phone, did you know you could absorb their negative energy and beliefs?  If you look after people in any way, maybe you are a medical worker, energy healer, psychologist, doctors assistant, a teacher, even if you work in customer service, you need to clear these energies before they become a problem for you.

You can watch/listen to this as often as you wish – full chakra rebalance included.


FREE - 3 Foundational Activations


Receive three foundational activations that help to prepare you for the increase in vibration and conciousness that we are going through right now.  These will prepare your cells to receive and integrate higher energy vibrations, expand your awareness and enhance your intuition, and activate up to 18 strands of DNA to accommodate the higher energies we need to assimilate to help our ascension. If you are new to my work, please start here, and with the other FREE recordings.

You can listen to these as often as you wish.

FREE - Unplug from Fear and Panic (Coronavirus)


In this webinar, we clear the fear and panic around the Coronavirus pandemic.  We discuss how these fears become real for us and how we can change that.  We clear fears of isolation, fears that we may die because of this virus, as well as many others.

Worth a watch!

You can watch/listen to these as often as you wish.

FREE - Introductory Webinar


This was a webinar to introduce myself and my work.  It explains what it is, how it works, and how we are in the situation that we are in right now.  

There is a TON of healing in this webinar!

You can listen to these as often as you wish.

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