Do you feel unworthy? Not enough? Unloved?
Do people around you make you feel disrespected?
Do you want to change that and receive love, respect, and abundance? 

This is YOUR video game, your life, and the only one that can make changes to your video game, is YOU!

Anything that is negative in your life, you and ONLY you have the ability to change it – you just need to understand you have the power and be open to doing so – it’s that simple!

We are moving from fear, lack and suffering in the 3rd dimensional vibration, up to the 5th dimensional vibration of unconditional love and abundance.

Here are SOME of the activations that are run in this session:

I Am Worthy
Do you know that you can block yourself from receiving good things because you don’t feel worthy of receiving it? Do you push away love, opportunities, friendships, jobs? Would you like to know that you ARE worthy of receiving love and all things? This removes beliefs that keep you from feeling worthy, and also clear negative emotions surrounding them.

Wounded Heart Disconnection
Those that have been hurt/upset by a situation or heartbreak can have a ‘poor me’ belief that makes you create situations to make you feel wounded, unloved, unappreciated and that no-one will ever love you. This energy will disconnect these beliefs and all the trauma and emotion surrounding them, helping you to attract what you desire.

Lack and Limitations
Are you in the “not enough” vibration? This is a MASSIVE collective program! Think about the world banking system, countries are in financial collapse because so many carry this vibration. Do you sympathize with everybody? How does Lack around the world affect you? Lack and Limitation around the world and yourself is just an Illusion so let’s unplug you from the collective conscious and subconscious belief systems – these are beliefs that DO NOT SERVE YOU! So let’s get rid of them, and plug you into the vibration of unlimited abundance! Are you ready for Abundance, Joy, Happiness and a life of Gratitude?

Family Constellation
This clears your anger, resentment, judgment, guilt and hatred toward your family members. It will help you to more easily forgive them for hurtful words and actions and allow you to give and receive familial love.  Were you mistreated as a child? Know your parents, and their parents before them, were doing their best with the knowledge they had at the time – this energy will clear negative emotions, including trauma, even if the experience/s is relating to previous lives.

Self Judgement
We can be bound by life times of conformity, oaths, vows, contracts that were disguised to protect or indeed to support us. Do you judge yourself and others? This deactivation clears life times of self judgement, and any fears related to those judgments. This activation will align you with your heart center and allow you to live free of all non-serving judgements, and bring up deep-rooted belief systems that will be cleared out over the next few weeks. After all, the greatest relationship we can have is with ourselves, and if we can’t have that then having relationships with others will be a challenge.

Unconditional Love Reconnection
This activation will reconnect you with the knowledge and belief that unconditional love is real and possible to live with ALL THE TIME.  You will move out of the vibration of judging yourself and others, and will send out the positive intention of unconditional love for all. This is a very powerful activation as people are not used to resonating in the energy of unconditional love. The more you do this you will be completely in the vibration of unconditional love.

Fruit of Life
This activation opens and connects your chakras, so they can release emotions and beliefs that cause blockages in energy flow.  These stagnant energies can cause physical pain and illness, as well as affect your ability to manifest. Chakras are portals that send and receive information. They are also the entrance for life-force energy. When this energy flows freely throughout your body, you can be in your true power and experience well-being.

Learning Through Suffering
This activation releases the sense, shared by many, that you have to learn through suffering, that to learn anything you must suffer. Since we choose our lessons, and how the universe presents them, we can choose to learn instead through joy and happiness.

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