Are there things that you want to be successful at in your life, that you just can’t seem to reach despite working so long and hard for? Could that be a successful business? A promotion at work, or maybe just a new job that would make you happy? Success at school? The list is endless.

You know guys, our lives are just video games; OUR OWN video games. And if you don’t like where it’s going only YOU have the ability to change the program. Did you know that? Isn’t it fabulous that we all have the ability to change our own lives for the better?

The way we think, speak and act, as well as what you BELIEVE (consciously or not), create our realities because the universe will bring you whatever you want! The universe will start to turn everything around to bring you what you want, but it doesn’t recognize what you DON’T want – if you are always saying I don’t want to live in fear – the universe will bring you incidents to make you live in fear – it doesn’t recognize the ‘don’t’ – so instead of knowing what you don’t want, why don’t you shift your thoughts, words and actions to what you DO want – simple right? These little conscious changes can make the world of difference. At the same time, the major block to us receiving any form of success in our lives is what we BELIEVE.

Our belief systems come with us from all past lives where we have participated in this video game, and in this lifetime, look at what we’re exposed to – mainstream media telling us all the bad stories, so we’re all brought up with war and conflict, and all the information going around about illness, like cancer now happening in 50% of the population. When that’s all you hear every day you create a belief that 50% of people get cancer, and that gives you a 50% chance of actually creating it within yourself to meet this belief.

But super good news! You can change all that – and by changing ourselves did you know that we also help change humanities beliefs, through the collective consciousness and the collective subconsciousness? In our lives, we don’t just take on beliefs that we have learned or brought forward, we also get them from things that surround us like your workmates, your community, your city, state and even country. On removing negative beliefs from yourself, you are effectively releasing them from the collective consciousness also.

So in these sessions we will be addressing negative beliefs that are blocking you from receiving success – and let’s face it – they are NOT serving us so we need to release them so we can move on. Once they are released you will start to notice a shift.

I am not doing the healing for you; YOU are doing the healing with the creator. My role in your healing is to request the removal of these activations, and to witness the energy moving from you – that is my role. Know that you will heal at a pace that is right for you, in your own time, so that you can cope with the integration of the positive energies, and the removal of the negative energies. Give yourself a massive pat on the back just for reading this – it’s the first step to changing your life – congratulations!

I invite you to join me for these sessions – at the moment I’m told there will be 3 as there are LOADS of negative beliefs that block success. The Activations (as a minimum) that will be run are below but I’m always given more to run at the time; on the 3rd session alone I was asked to run an additional 6 Activations, are you will receive a FREE chakra rebalancing at the end of each session.

Much love to you, and if you have any questions, you can contact me and I’ll be pleased to respond; my information is also in the link below.

I very much look forward to helping you change your life for the better. Have a wonderful life!

Sacred Blueprint Power
Success Means Self-Sacrifice
I’m Not Worthy of Success
Fear of Success
Are You a Martyr?
Success Realignment
Millionaire Collective Consciousness
Self-Sabotage Deactivation
Rejection/Resistance Deactivation
Addictions Redirection: Failure
Why Bother?
It's Safe to be Successful/You are Safe
Failure Serves Me
Are you Stuck?
Forbidden Deactivation
Integration with Grace & Ease
+ many more, PLUS receive a free chakra rebalancing at the end of every session.

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