New Earth Healing

with Dawn Livingstone


'Zap the Crap' From Your Subconscious Mind

Removing negative beliefs and programing from your subconscious is a wonderful, powerful, and fast way to remove blocks in any area of your life that aren’t going your way.  If you are experiencing any issues in your life; relationships, money, job, success, abuse or trauma, addictions, or would like to enhance your own intuition and learn how to increase your healing skills, or just wish to change your life for the better, this energy can help to accelerate them all.

By intuitively locating the limiting and non-serving beliefs, they are safely and energetically removed from all your cells, DNA and genetics, past/present/future lives, and are also unplugged from the collective consciousness, and even more importantly from the collective SUBCONSCIOUS belief systems.

By doing this work you are not just enhancing your own awareness, raising your vibration and expanding your consciousness, you are also removing the negativity from that of the planet.  Way to GO!  Discover the REAL you, step back into your power and take back your life and live the life you desire.


What Is In My Subconscious Mind?

EXCELLENT question!  And the answer is right in front of you.  

The beliefs and programing in your subconscious mind drive 95-99% of your life.  What you believe you attract.  So take a moment to really look at your life at the moment; is it positive or negative, do you have more downs than ups, have you been trying loads of different things to be positive and manifest good things in your life, all to no avail?

If this is the case, your negative beliefs will be more powerful than the positive and will be the dominant beliefs, and you will continue to create negative experiences in your life.  These need to be removed so the positive ones can then take their rightful place in driving your life, so you can start making progress, raise your vibration, and feel much better in your daily life.

One Private Session

One session to work on areas of your life that are not working for you.  Belief systems and programing are intuitively discovered, and removed with your permission.

This is a very powerful healing energy, and works fast, at a speed that is best for you.

A discounted block of 3 sessions is also available, and includes a full chakra rebalance at the end of your first session.

Duration: 30-40 minutes, $149

Block of 3 Sessions (Discounted)

Enjoy a discount on a block of 3 x 30/40 minute personal sessions to include a full chakra rebalance at the end of the first session.  Save $75 when purchasing the block of 3 sessions.

This is a successful, very powerful energy, and clears beliefs and programing fast, at your own pace.

Duration – 3 x 30-40 minutes, $375 (save $75)




Private Session

“Dawn is amazing!

I think it is awesome that Dawn is here and willing to help you along in your journey. She is truly a gifted person.”

David R.

“Dawn is incredible, amazing, connected and ready to help you shift your life. She has helped me shift mine.”

Tamra O.

"Zap The Crap"

“My son experienced a trauma when he was just five years old. As a mother I have felt tremendous guilt. It has taken it’s toll on our family emotionally. Dawn has not only helped our family to heal from this, but has had personal sessions with my son who is now six as well. After having her work with our whole family we have healed and now have put this behind us. Our son will not have to carry this around with him until he is old enough to work it out for him self. Dawn has facilitated a healing for him now. I am confident that because of Dawns help my son can now carry on his life without this pain. As a mother their are no words to express our gratitude for this relief. In this world after a trama you are left to pick up the pieces and cope best you can with nowhere to turn. Well not anymore, Dawn can lift these pains from you. If your carry around anything that plagues you I urge you to schedule a session – now you no longer have to carry these things along with you. There is real help waiting for you.”

CR & Family

"Zap The Crap"

“There are very few moments in life where one decision can change everything. There are even fewer moments that you recognize the change while it’s happening. I am so happy to have found Dawn, she’s not only changed my life for the better but my husband’s as well. Her energy is so beautiful that we are even interesting her to work with our six-year-old son. How many decisions do we make in a day that actually affect and change our lives for the better? I know now how important it is to make the decision to work on myself. Dawn is so unbelievably powerful that even someone as spiritually blocked as myself physically felt her power. It is cemented my belief in her as well as the energies around us. I am forever changed and will be forever grateful. I’ve had the chance to work with several Masters and have chosen not to. Dawn fit with us perfectly, she is what we’ve been waiting for and she can change you as well. All I can say is if you’re skeptical, set up a session and feel the difference yourself. Take a chance, making intention, and feel the change. I hope this message plants a seed in all of you”

Cat R.

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